Bl2sp2bl(Blender Connect Substance Painter)

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2022-3-1:support Blender 3.1

2021-12-4:support Blender3.0

2021-12-1:Support Adobe Substance 3D Painter 2022

2021-7-1:Support Adobe Substance 3D Painter 2021

2021-6-6:Support Blender2.93,fix some BUG,Need install Addon Again..

2021-3-9:Fix some BUG. Update new version..

2021-2-26:support Blender2.92

2021-1-31:support Substance Painter 2021.1.0

2020-11-26:support Blender2.91

2020-9-2:support Blender2.90,if update the Blender2.90 Please install Addon Again!  : )!

2020-7-26:Support Substance Pinater 2020.2,But not support UDIM,because need the SP software support the UDIM API...

2020-6-10:Support Blender 2.83

2020-5-25:Support Substance Painter 2020.1

2020-3-8:Support Blender 2.82

2020-2-8:Support Substance Painter 2019.3.3

Please Don`t Use SP 2019.3.0 & SP 2019.3.1 & SP 2019.3.2 Version ,Because This Version will Crash, It`s SP Office BUG,:  Until 3.3 them fix it !!


2019-12-19:Support Substance Painter 2019.3.0 Interface

2019-8-14:Support Blender 2.81,Support Substance Painter 2019.2.3


This Plugin connect the Blender and Substance Painter,let the Blender and Substance Painter workflow is quickly and efficiency!

Plugin include two part:

A Part :"Bl2SP" install to the BLender 2.80,let the Blender connnect the Substance Painter.

B Part:"SP2Blender" install to the Substance Painter Let the Substance Painter connect the Blender




                                                         Export MESH TO SP 

                                                                 Mat Sync

                                                               Painter Sync                         

                                                                 MESH Change 

                                                              HDRI connect

                                                 BL file Connect SP file Forever           

                                                          Show Effect

           Layser effect:use Base Color and Opacity  and Emission channel  at SP .


****Now BL2SP2BL just support the Win platform!****

"Bl2SP"-now only support Blender 2.80!

1."File" -"User Preferences"-"Add-ons"-"Install Add-on from File" the "" install the "User Preferences"-"Add-ons"-"Save User Settings"

4.3D-views,Press "N" key ,will show the BL2SP.

5.BL2SP select "SP EXE PATH" find you "Substance Painter.exe" Path


"SP2Blender"-support Substance Painter 2018.1.0+

1.Copy the "SP2Blender" input you SP plugin Folder(put it "Plugins"-"Plugins Folder").

2.SP "Plugins"-"Reload Plugins Folder"

3. "Plugins"-"SP2Blender"-"configure"-"Set Path" to find you "blender.exe" Path


UI interface Intro:


SP EXE PATH:Set you Substance Painter Execute file Path.

To Substance Painter:Export the Blender File to SP.

Refresh ALL Texture:Change ALL Mat Blend Mode to "Opaque".


a.configure Panel

Set Path:Set you Blender  Execute file Path.

Open SP2Blender Panel:Open the SP2Blender Panel UI.

b.SP2Blender Panel

Export Textures Preset:Set Export Texture Preset,You can make youself Preset File.

Export Textrue Format:Set Export Texture file Format.

Export Texture Size:Set Export Texture Size.

Export Color BitDepth:Set Export Color BitDepath.

Export Common Padding:Set Export Common Padding.


1.Only Support Win Platform

2..Automatic Save the SP file and export the Texture at the Blender File same Folder


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