Bl2sp2bl(Blender Connect Substance Painter)

by PJ PENG in Scripts and Addons


****Now BL2SP2BL just support the Win platform!****

"Bl2SP"-now only support Blender 2.80!

1."File" -"User Preferences"-"Add-ons"-"Install Add-on from File" the "" install the "User Preferences"-"Add-ons"-"Save User Settings"

4.3D-views,Press "N" key ,will show the BL2SP.

5.BL2SP select "SP EXE PATH" find you "Substance Painter.exe" Path


"SP2Blender"-support Substance Painter 2018.1.0+

1.Copy the "SP2Blender" input you SP plugin Folder(put it "Plugins"-"Plugins Folder").

2.SP "Plugins"-"Reload Plugins Folder"

3. "Plugins"-"SP2Blender"-"configure"-"Set Path" to find you "blender.exe" Path


UI interface Intro:


SP EXE PATH:Set you Substance Painter Execute file Path.

To Substance Painter:Export the Blender File to SP.

Refresh ALL Texture:May you can refresh the Texture and material..: )!


a.configure Panel

Set Path:Set you Blender  Execute file Path.

Open SP2Blender Panel:Open the SP2Blender Panel UI.

b.SP2Blender Panel

Export Textures Preset:Set Export Texture Preset,You can make youself Preset File.

Export Textrue Format:Set Export Texture file Format.

Export Texture Size:Set Export Texture Size.

Export Color BitDepth:Set Export Color BitDepath.

Export Common Padding:Set Export Common Padding.


1.Only Support Win Platform

2.Don`t Support the Steam Version,Need Standalone Version.

3.Automatic Save the SP file and export the Texture at the Blender File same Folder


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