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  • leeseungju
    about 3 hours ago

    Works Great with blender 2.93

  • Paul Euvrard
    6 days ago

    I'm with Pete here
    I also could not get it to work on 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
    tried contacting the creator of the product for help but no luck
    hope it is not too late for a refund


    • Cogumelo Softworks

      6 days ago

      Hi Paul. The latest version is fully compatible with blender 2.93. We answered you inbox.

  • Pete Renshaw
    about 2 months ago

    Could not get it to run on 2.8, 2.92, 2.93. Save your money.

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      15 days ago

      Hi Pete. Please contact us inbox for any doubt about how to use or install it

  • Andy S
    about 2 months ago

    Great addon! The support has always been top notch and when I've reached out to them they've responded as quickly as possible.

    I can confirm that the addon works with Blender 2.93 (the latest version as of 8/31/21) but you have to know one thing in order to get it to work...

    Here's what you do: When you purchase and download the BakeTool zip folder (version 2.41), you need to extract the folder to a location on your pc and then once you've extracted the zip file, go into Blender, click on edit, then on preferences, then click on install at the top, navigate to the extracted BakeTool folder, inside that folder is another that's named "Baketool 2.41", then in that folder there will be another zip file named "" and THAT is the file that Blender will use to install the plugin.

    Thank you to the devs for helping me install this great little addon!

  • Francisco
    6 months ago

    unstable, will only work on settings it wants. Terrible support from the devs.

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      6 months ago

      HI Francisco. I'm sorry you have a bad time using it. We constantly work in improve it and help our customers but sometimes it's hard to fulfill all expectations. Baketool is yet our primary in-house daywork tool in our studio so I'm pretty sure your problems could be fixable.
      Best Regards.

  • Red Reader
    7 months ago

    I've used this addon in 2.7 for years and really love it. Even though it's advertised for 2.92, It's not working at all for me since I upgraded to this version. I hope that can somehow change. I am exporting objects to a prior version just to use this tool.

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      7 months ago

      Hi. We have been using Baketool in blender 2.92 daily in our studio. Contact us inbox and we will try our best to help you

  • Sebastien Guillemot
    8 months ago

    I was concerned about buying this addon because of the recent reviews, but it worked perfectly and did exactly what I hoped it would do.
    Although baking in Blender is still tricky and tedious for other reasons (don't expect this addon to solve all the problems), this addon solves the specific pain-point of easily generating the kind of bake you want and then batch generating them

  • Micah
    9 months ago

    Would like to say it works but it truly doesn't, It only bakes when it decides too and even then it jacks up the UV and nothing lines up, I'm super disappointed in this.

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      9 months ago

      Hi Micah. We answered you in the Inbox Messa System. One patch will be released this week. Best regards.

  • Jake
    9 months ago

    If it worked as intended it would be an amazing improvement to the current baking workflow, which is so important for real time. Unfortunately its still not working in 2.91 and 90% of the time just stops with no errors. If updates to current versions was more frequent I would rate it higher. I really really want it to work

    • Cogumelo Softworks

      9 months ago

      Hi Jake one update will be released this week fixing the multiple jobs system. See if it fix for you. If not contact us Inbox and we will try our best to help you.

  • 3DSkyBuild
    10 months ago

    Great addon

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