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  • Felipe Torrents 5 days ago

    Real time saver utility! I use it for EEVEE multi GPU render. Is super easy to use and lets me queue render scenes to a secondary gpu while working with the primary gpu. It became essential to my workflow. Great job!

  • dez1gner 11 days ago

    The most important addition I've ever bought in my life.
    Working reliably. Settings are versatile and simple.
    There is an additional possibility to render Luxrender, E-Cycles, Appleseed.
    It is possible to render different scenes from one file.
    An application that makes your working day normal.

    I count this number 1 application for Blender.

  • Keith Gibb 22 days ago

    Simply the best Blender Add-on I've ever bought. So easy to use and does exactly what it says.

    Here's the big bonus for me. We've got a very expensive rendering PC which we access remotely.

    As it's got a RTX2080, Blender won't run over Windows Remote Desktop. RDP can't access openGL unless it's a Quadro card!

    This works perfectly allowing us to render remotely. Awesome!

  • Vincent Copyloff about 2 months ago

    Really a time saver, with elegant interface and easy to use

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