by BlenderGilads in Scripts and Addons

Are there going to be feature updates?

Yes, there already are a few things I plan on adding eventually. That said, I don't consider them urgent, just extra things that would be quite nice to have, so for the time being I'm going to keep my focus on giving support, solving any bug that I or other users may find, and paying attention to users feedback. My hope is that enough people find B-Renderon useful and buy it so I can afford to keep dedicating it time to improve it and expand it's capabilities.

Is Mac support planned?

Yes. If you're on Mac and want to buy B-Renderon, please let me know. If there's demand for it, I'll give it more priority to have it available sooner.

What platforms does B-Renderon run on?

Currently, there's builds available for Windows 10 64bits, Fedora Workstation 29 64 bits, and Ubuntu 18.04 64bits. If you are interested in B-Renderon but use another platform, please write me telling me which platform you'd like to run B-Renderon on, and I'll do my best to upload a build for that platform as soon as possible