Auto-Rig Pro

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

There are currently two versions available for download: 

  • 3.40 is the latest stable release for Blender 2.79, with all features.
  • 3.41 is  an experimental release for Blender 2.8, it's not production ready! You may encounter bugs and issues. It's only for testing and experiments, for informed users who want to play with the rigs in the not-finished-yet Blender 2.8. Please read carefully the doc here

What is Auto-Rig Pro?

Auto-Rig Pro is a set of tools to rig characters, retarget animations, and provide Fbx export for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Want to try first? Download Mike, free character rigged with Auto-Rig Pro here.

Rig features demo

Getting Started with Auto-Rig Pro:

Youtube Channel - Documentation - Frequently Asked Questions

Rig fast with the Smart feature

Position the reference bones so that they match your character proportions. To speed up this process, the smart tool will automatically try to find the body parts locations for you (bipeds only so far). Then, edit the result if needed  (if your character is not a biped/ or for more accuracy), eventually place the facial bones and other extra limbs, and generate the final rig. Based on a non-destructive workflow, the armature remains easily editable anytime after the generation. Check the product documentation and the youtube channel for more informations.

Plays fast, 25fps on these characters (using standard hardware): Anna, Kevin

Important note about skinning: If possible, use water-tight geometry for best auto-skinning results. Knowing the bases of Blender's skinning tools, weight painting, to fine tweak the bones influences is recommended. For character made of multiple separate parts, it's best to use the Voxel Skinning addon.

Due to recent API changes, Blender 2.79 is required.

If you encounter any bugs please report it, be assured you'll receive support/bugfix quickly. Updates are free and will remain free. Also make sure to read the FAQ and the documentation.


Customize the rig definition in a few clicks: fingers, toes amount, spine bones, multiple neck bones, tail, breasts, ears and much more. Duplicate or remove limbs to rig spiders, centaurs... or whatever!

Video tutorial, rig a centaur with the multi-limb feature: Centaur Rig

The picker panel dynamically updates, so you can select any bone from the separate panel easily.

Intuitive tool to edit the bone shapes, with automatic mirror:


Customizable UI: fully editable layout, buttons positions, colors, background pictures...


The Remap feature allows retargetting of any armature action to another one, with different bone names and bone orientations, supporting imported .bvh/.fbx armatures for example. It's universal: works with Auto-Rig Pro, Rigify, custom rigs... Define the source armature, the target armature, and the animation will retarget according to the bones names matches and bones original orientation.

It support IK feet, hands for accurate motion tracking, and an interactive offset tool to remap to different characters proportions.

Video: Remapper demo

Additionally, to animate over a motion capture action on an additive layer, check the additive keyer addon (free)! 

Game Engine Export

Auto-Rig Pro allows export to FBX format via a dedicated module, to proven engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine, and probably others not yet tested. Shape keys are transferred as well. 

Three export types: Universal to export a simplified bones hierarchy for any creature, Humanoid for bipeds only, with options for easy retargetting and root motion, and Generic to export the deforming bones and the non-deforming ones if they are parent of the deforming bones.

  • Twist bones included in option
  • Unit conversion to initialize the scale transforms to 1.0 in Unity and Unreal
  • Unreal Mannequin bones hierarchy and naming in option
  • Full facial, and advanced bones such as tweak bones
  • Actions baked on the simplified rig
  • Selective action export

Bring your poses to the next level!

The additive weights controllers offer a unique control over the pose. Located all along the limbs, they've been developed using an innovative system to operate on a second layer of deformation, for fine pose sculpting, cartoon effects, bending, stretching, etc. Two deformations mode in option: Additive (exportable to FBX) and Bendy Bones.

Just use them instead of corrective shape keys, or as a complement. Below a typical leg bent before and after tweaking the secondary controllers.

Tell Me More!

Extensive list of what the addon has to offer:

  • Automatic bone placement solver based on mesh recognition for bipeds characters. Asymmetrical models supported.
  • Edit Reference Bones feature to modify the rig anytime you want. No need to redo everything if a bone is not where you want it to be.
  • Modular: only use what you need. Fingers, toes, ears, breast, adjustable amount of spine, tail, and neck bones. Duplicate or remove limbs to rig creatures with multiple arms and legs.
  • Fingers auto-rotation option: bend when scaling the first phalange, pre-defined fist pose
  • Easy controller shape edition
  • Bone picker: Can be turned on/off, import/export presets. Customizable.
  • Colors customization
  • Cartoon compliant: Stretchy spine, legs, arms...
  • IK-FK snap with autokey working, and snaps properly when unlocking all the leg/forearm rotation axis
  • IK-FK controllers auto hide
  • Hybrid IK pole / IK arrow vector
  • Knees and elbows pinning
  • Head rotation locked or free
  • Bend all fingers in one click (fingers grasp), fist pre-defined pose, auto rotation of fingers phalanges from scale
  • IK/FK eyes
  • Auto-eyelid rotation
  • Multiple Child-Of constraints support for the IK hands and feet to change their parent space any time (e.g. if the character is driving a car, hands on the wheel, then grab the car door)
  • Complete set of secondary controllers for fine pose sculpt
  • Advanced facial setup with automated placement
  • Improved skinning based on Blender's heatmaps. Auto-splitting of multiple elements. Compliant with the Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning addon.
  • Shape keys drivers creation tool
  • Game engines support, FBX: Unity - Unreal Engine. Generic, Humanoid and Universal rig type
  • Bone remapper to retarget any armature action to another one, with different bone names and bone orientations. IK support. BVH, FBX files compliant, e.g. Mixamo animations.
  • Compliant with X-Muscle System for realistic muscles simulation
  • By buying this addon you support my work and the Blender foundation, its developers financially. A part of each sale is donated to them. It's worth a big thank you from the open source community, helping Blender remaining free and accessible for everyone! And obviously you ensure the funds for this addon next new features, bugfix. I'm making my best to constantly improve the beast, based on users requests and my own ideas. Have quick look at the release log below. You receive a notification when the addon is updated, and download it for free.




Make sure to uninstall the current addon before installing the new one and restart blender.


All features have been ported to Blender 2.8 API.

[WARNING!] 3.41 is currently a beta version: it means it's not ready yet, there may be bugs, crashes. Especially since Blender 2.8 itself is still in beta stage!

It should not be used for production and serious projects. It's only for testing and experiments, for informed users who want to play with the rigs in Blender 2.8. The latest stable release is the 3.40 version for Blender 2.79, download and use it for production usage.


New or improved:

Rig: New "Empty" armature to build a rig from scratch, instead of starting from a biped/quadruped basis. New button to add limbs. New button to adjust the selected limb parameters.

Rig: Disabling a spine bone no more disables the neck and head limbs as well

Rig: Ears bones amount can now be adjusted

Rig: Neck bones amount of duplicated necks can now be adjusted 

Rig: The auto-eyelid rotations are now constrained to avoid aberrant angles

Rig: Update Armature now show an informative line to warn the user to click Match to Rig afterward

Picker: Errors are now better handled, if the target bone is not found or a bone shape is missing, the error is skipped

Fbx Export: Actions can now selectively be removed before exporting

Fbx Export: Root motion option is now available for Universal type

Fbx Export: Added Primary and Secondary bones axis selection


Fbx Export: The simplify value is now set to 0.05 by default, to avoid rotation issues of IK chains.

Fbx Export: Some single limbs could prevent export to work

Fbx Export: "Fix Fbx Bones Rotations" could lead to issues 

Fbx Export: Renaming for UE and exporting the tail as humanoid could lead to wrong parenting

Fbx Export: Exporting only the armature now adds a dummy mesh for correct export

Fbx Export: Multiple ears bones are now exported as Humanoid

Fbx Export: New "Fix Bones Matrix" checkbox in rare cases of incorrect bones rotations export

Rig: The ear bones could not be disabled, breast bones did not deform by default

Rig: With scene units set to 0.01, the legs bones could be defective

Remap: Cancelling the Redefine Rest Pose could not work as expected, fixed the copy bones orientations feature

Remap: Improved Auto-Scale feature


First Auto-Rig Pro release!


No FAQ's found for this product.

Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 5 from 66 ratings by the community.

  • Christian 19 days ago

    This is an amazing plugin! And Artell has helped me personally with errors. I had spent about 70 hours trying to solve a thing that blender simply could not solve, and I even paid outside help me fix the error. This plugin took care of it, and HIGHLY recommended.

    5 stars!

    • Artell 19 days ago

      Nice to hear it's useful to you, thanks!

  • Jeff LaMarche 26 days ago

    Not only does Auto-Rig Promake rigging and skinning in Blender so much more pleasant and efficient, it pretty much singlehandedly makes Blender a useful tool for doing character modeling and animation for Unreal Engine. It's absolutely a steal at this price and I'd give it more stars if I could.

    Be aware, though: Blender 2.8 is still changing at a rapid pace. Auto-Rig Pro for 2.8 doesn't work 100% using the current nightly build of Blender 2.8 due to some recent API changes. It was working as recently as the nightly build from a week or two ago. This is completely expected given that 2.8 is still beta (the 2.79 version still works a dream) and I was able to tweak the code get it running in just a few minutes. Still, you should be aware that if you update Blender 2.8 frequently from nightlies, features very well might break at times. I'm sure Artell will provide us with a blessed fully compatible version once Blender 2.8 becomes final, if not before.

    • Artell 24 days ago

      Many thanks Jeff! Yes unfortunately I'm aware recent changes in Blender 2.8 broke the compatibility, i'll be working on it, thanks for reporting.

  • louiswu about 2 months ago

    works well in 3.40,but in blender 2.8, 3.41 never works ,every time i hit the botton "go", it comes out an error report that "axis unregonized".

    • Artell 24 days ago

      Hello, thanks for reporting the bug. Unfortunately the 2.8 version is still very unstable and can break at any moment due to changes in Blender 2.8.

  • Neatrior about 2 months ago

    Awesome addon. I love Blender, but The main Issue with the program was that it was hard to find any rigs to use, but with this Addon I'm able to rig any character I please easily and efficiently, especially Game Models that I've loaded into blender with OBJ, I was pleasantly surprised when they worked out of the box without changing the mesh to quads. Thank you for this Add on. It was everything I wanted and more! Can't wait to use it in Blender 2.8 when the Final version releases.

    • Artell 24 days ago

      Thanks, glad you enjoy :)

  • Tommaso 2 months ago

    Probably the best add-on of this kind, at a great price. Simple to use. The developer is ready to clarify any doubts.
    I advise you to view the clear and complete documentation before contacting the developer, you may immediately find the answer to your problem.

    • Artell 24 days ago

      Thanks for sharing your opinion Tommaso!

  • Mingfen Wang 3 months ago

    Great add-on! I love the smart feature, just a few clicks then an armature matching the character be generated, which will save me a lot of time.

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback Mingfen!

  • tadokorokoji 4 months ago

    When reporting the bug, a renewal has come in 15 minutes.

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Bugs are treated as a priority, thanks for reporting the issues!

  • loveordie 5 months ago

    It's amazing! Remember to read documentation of installation and check blender set up "auto run Python Scripts", I didn't click "auto run Python Scripts" at first so the software doesn't work well, after I read documentation of installation and check blender set up "auto run Python Scripts" , it works and it's amazing!

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes the installation instructions are important to make it working :)

  • Syed Sameer Hasan Rizvi 5 months ago

    Love it so far.

    • Artell 3 months ago


  • Christiaan Bruinsma 5 months ago

    Recently I bought this plugin as I needed to rig various creatures for an Augmented Reality game I am making with Unity.

    When I started I couldn't get it to work, so when I reached out to customer support I was simply amazed. Within the hour I got various responses with all sorts of suggestions. After a few messages back and forth my issue was solved the same evening!

    Conclusion: great customer support and the plugin saves me loads of time! I still have lots to learn as the plugin has quite the options but so far it's been awesome to work with.

    Hats off to the author, you rock!

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thank Christiaan, glad the addon is useful to you and I hope your project is progressing well!

  • Daewoong 5 months ago

    I bought this add-on only for UE4 skeleton making and exporting.
    It will be much better if there is just only the essential bones for UE4 exporting.

    But there are too many bone structures
    and it is hard to use with complex bones hidden in many other layers.

    Binding with the default Blender automatic weight is easier to use and control and good enough for UE4.

    I understand that you wanna give more functions for the users, like sophisticated binding and controlling.
    And many users like your way of binding and controlling bones.

    Still there should be other users who like their own way of binding and controlling bones.
    But this add-on forces users to use only the binding and controlling system within the add-on only.

    I wish you give users more right to select options.
    Here is an idea.

    For the next version,
    the basic UE4 essential skeleton making and exporting menu should be default.
    And the complex and sophisticated binding system should be optional so that users can decide to use it or not.

    Thanks for the add-on and waiting for the next version.

    • Artell 5 months ago

      Thanks for your feedback Daewoong. The controller bones are necessary to pose and animate the character accurately. The hidden armature layers should not be used/display by users by default. The binding feature is based on the Blender's Automatic Weights native tool (heat map skinning) with some improvements made on top of it, such as splitting the objects, smooth the twist weights, low resolution meshes... These features were added from user feedback and experience to ease the workflow. However be assures this is not mandatory at all to use it, you can of course use the default Blender's Automatic Weight feature if you prefer. Just parent your meshes to the "rig" and "rig_add" armature using the "Automatic Weights". About making a default choice between Unity or Unreal Export "Universal", "Humanoid", it's hard to choose: it depends on users and project :)

  • painterhoya 5 months ago


    • Artell 5 months ago

      Thanks :)

  • Ha Nguyen 6 months ago

    This is the best add-on. I have saved a lot of time. Good support
    Thank you

    • Artell 5 months ago

      Thank you :)

  • mesaurabhsaxena 6 months ago

    Amazing Addon & brilliant support

    • Artell 6 months ago

      Thanks for rating mesaurabhsaxena!

  • adndima 7 months ago

    This tool is very good that you need to equip game characters. Many thanks to the author.

    The question arises. Will the addon be updated to blender 2.8?

    • Artell 6 months ago

      Sure, it'seven currently being upgraded to 2.8 :)

  • Alexandre LEPRETRE 7 months ago

    A must have for rigging in Blender, and moreover if you're working in the game industry ! The export to Unreal Engine and Unity is wonderful and the rigs very weel conceived.
    The auto smart rig is useful, precise and really intuitive.
    I appréciate the Horse rig also...
    And finally support is excellent

    • Artell 6 months ago

      Thank you Alexandre, glad this is useful to you!

  • Andreas Wollenhaupt 7 months ago

    Super fast update and added function for root motion just today!

    • Artell 7 months ago

      Thank you Andreas!

  • firman ryan lim 7 months ago

    i like your addon. best addon for rigging.

    • Artell 7 months ago


  • Davide Prestino 8 months ago

    Fantastic add on, all the character of I use this super plugin, than you so much

    • Artell 7 months ago

      Davide it's always great to see user projects made with it, thanks for your feedback!

  • KevinHarte 8 months ago

    Great efficient rigging system.

    • Artell 8 months ago

      Thanks for leaving a review Kevin!

  • Zé Alexandre 8 months ago

    Even better than I expected (and I'm really new to blender)! The add on is really easy to use and the documentation is very well explained. In a few hours I had my character working perfectly in Unreal Engine.
    I'm really happy with it and recomend it to any rigger or animator interested in migrating to blender!

    • Artell 8 months ago

      Thank you for rating!

  • Rafael 9 months ago

    This is just the best thing ever happening to Blender, I can't imagine myself working without this now! I had a little bit of confusion using it but Artell answers all your questions.

    Of course I recommend everybody to read first the documentation website before asking anything

    I've been reading some people reviews complaining about how bad it works but that's not true, just read the documentation, take your time to understand the add-on and ask Artell if you need anything.

    I have to create some small animations for a job and this is saving my life right now, could not be any more happy, one of those add-ons you just need always in Blender.

    • Artell 8 months ago

      Thanks, I'm glad this is helpful to you! Cheers!

  • nirblu 9 months ago

    I use this very often and I find it is an amazing add-on, saves me so much time and it is reasonably priced. The interactive tweaks are an amazing feature, I wish retargeting long animations (12,000 frames) would take less time somehow and a global / local option in tweaks.

    • Artell 8 months ago

      Thank you nirblu, indeed I wish I could improve the baking performances when retargetting. I'll keep this in mind, don't know yet if this is feasible in a near future, but thanks for your feedback.

  • Tom 9 months ago

    Great Tool. Only tool i found works better than MB.

    • Artell 9 months ago

      Thanks :)

  • shark 11 months ago

    I've applied this add-on to many different types of characters.

    Most works satisfactorily. Sometimes I get results different from what I wanted, but I can fix it manually.

    Plus, if there is something I do not know well, I can ask the developer Mr. Lucas, he quickly answers.

    Personally, I feel the price of $ 40 is too cheap.

    • Artell 9 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback shark.

  • Phil Stopford 11 months ago

    Works really well - an impressive piece of work that makes the rigging workflow pretty much painless.

    • Artell 9 months ago

      Glad it's useful to you :)

  • aostreetart about 1 year ago

    Well thought-out rigs, and a very supportive and responsive developer. Well worth the money.

    • Artell 9 months ago

      Thanks for the rating!

  • ahmad about 1 year ago

    well done plugin with no crashing or freezing, great for humanoid, but for animals it needs extra work and time, i just hope to see more support for animals especially those that have tail and long neck, support is also great and fast, thanks artell, great work

    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Thanks ahmad! The multiple neck bones feature is now there, simplifying the process.

  • jordanb about 1 year ago

    Was a great addon when I purchased it a year ago and has only gotten better and better since then, the new finger detection works very well and the fbx exporter simplifies the export process to Unreal.

    Addon is well maintained, well documented, and the developer is responsive to bug reports and support. Couldn't ask for more.

    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Thank you jordanb, glad you enjoy!

  • Shunsuke Izumi about 1 year ago

    It works great! So much time reduce.
    I followed up video tutorials but somehow head box to control head does not come out on my env.
    Like "Auto-Rig Pro: Export as Mannequin for Unreal [v3.25]" movie.
    Is there any tips/settings or something?

    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Hello, the head box shape has simply been replaced by a circle on top of the head. Note you can change any shape though, by clicking "Edit Shape..." Thanks!

  • Brad Beer about 1 year ago

    Works out of the box, does what it says it does. It let's me rig faster than I could with better results than before. The rig is really nice and has the open/close hand controls which really help when I'm not explicitly animating hands. The export to unreal works nicely and simplifies my workflow. Oh, and it has toes!

    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Hehe yes there are toes! Thank you warweasle!

  • blackdragonbe about 1 year ago

    Super easy to use! I managed to rig a human with some weird proportions in just a few minutes of tinkering. The author also regularly updates this add-on. Stop reading this and go and buy it, 40 dollars is a steal for what you're getting!

    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Thank you blackdragonbe!

  • Bryan Stone about 1 year ago

    Great addon, just a plethora of updates. Good to see the support though.

    • Artell about 1 year ago


  • alexandergin about 1 year ago

    I got your full version of addon i that is amazing thing! Now working with pleasure! Thanks, man to you!!! Ten stars from five! ) Respect!

    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Thank you!

  • Steven Babb about 1 year ago

    This addon is truly stunning. It just works out of the box so well I'm amazed. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in a very powerful and very user friendly rigging system. For me, as a real time Unity artist, getting good rigs exported cleanly to Unity has always been a bit of headache, but this addon 100% fixes all issues I've had with exporting Blender rigs and animations to Unity. Also, the price is impossible to beat. If you regularly export characters from Blender to Unity or Unreal, buy this and save yourself days work.

    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Thanks for this positive echo Steven!

  • IzwanShaari about 1 year ago

    I just bought Complete version today (3am) and tbh i know how to rigging a character but only basic (Not fully). So i found out that Auto Rig pro has full body IK tracking and im glad because it can save alot of time than doing it manually. Im still new with Blender (i only know how to rig)also gonna learn more by checking out your videos.



    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Thank you! Glad it's useful to you.

  • Warren Reed over 1 year ago

    This is fantastic. All the lightning updates and usability makes this so helpful. And with the remap of animation... I'm still not done with my feature animation but I am rerigging some of my zombies using this. I also forgot, the voxel relationship is also great, I could go on and on. Did I say how much I love this add on! Artell will be a cherished anointed Blender Saint.

    • Lucas Veber over 1 year ago

      Thanks a bunch Warren :D Good luck with your movie!

  • snebjorn over 1 year ago

    Absolutely amazing tool. Found it while searching for a replacement for Mixamo's auto-rigging system, which seems to have been abandoned completely after they were swallowed up by Adobe. This is much better, and the price is absurdly low for what you get. Definitely pro level at a very indie-friendly price.

    • Lucas Veber over 1 year ago

      Thanks for this meaningful feedback!

  • Adam Inskip over 1 year ago

    Love this, very easy to use and clean to animate with. The Smart align tool is such a time saver and barley had to adjust anything. The fact you can adjust the bone positions at any point for a non-destructive workflow is worth the money on its own, with the standard blender rigs you lose any animation and bone grouping I noticed when regenerating a rig. Had a couple of support questions and was emailed back same day. It would be good in a future release to have checkbox to generate the UI picker objects or not if not needed for a tidier scene. Also, maybe some constraints for the in-between controls on the lips and brows so they flow together when selecting the end and midpoints.

    • Lucas Veber over 1 year ago

      Thank Adam, I guess you're right for the picker on/off checkbox. It's definitely on the roadmap. For now, do you know you can delete the picker bones and the "rig_ui" empty and its hierarchy to disable the picker? But it's not possible to restore it easily.

  • jstone over 1 year ago

    For me, one of the most irritating things about working with UE4 and Blender is trying to get a custom character to behave as well as the Mannequin. It's fiddly and time consuming and everything is based around it. This addon works great and removes this frustration. Not only that but the creator has been extremely helpful, prompt and approachable. Would rate this 10 stars if I could.

    • Lucas Veber over 1 year ago

      Thank you, I'm glad the Fbx exporter is useful to you!

  • Ryo over 1 year ago

    Great add-on. Perfect Customer support.

    • Lucas Veber over 1 year ago

      Thanks for taking the time to rate and review Ryo, very appreciated.

  • spoons666 over 1 year ago

    So easy to use and a really nice result out of the box yet still allows so much customisation/tweaking. Where has this rig been all my life.

    I would like one thing to be changed if at all possible;

    When i edit a shape and apply it, it kicks me out of pose mode to object mode making me click the rig again and then going back into pose mode to mirror the shape to the other side. It's just a little long if you have a lot of shapes you want to edit/mirror. It'd be better if once you edit the shape and hit "apply" then it just puts you back into pose mode with the shape selected so you can click the mirror button right away without the extra steps needed. This would speed up the workflow quite a bit, i think.

    Just an idea. Not sure if it's possible, amazing work either way and you've more than earned a 5 star rating for this masterpiece.

    • Lucas Veber over 1 year ago

      I agree, I wanted to fix that a while ago but been always busy doing other stuff and kind of forgot about it... Thanks for your feedback and this reminder, will work on it!

  • mhmmd over 1 year ago

    Great add-on! The Unity export process works flawlessly, and the rig is easy to work with. I don't think I can ever go back to using Rigify or rolling my own.

    Speaking of Rigify, it would be nice to have a show/hide panel for the various controls (e.g. show left arm IK, hide auxiliary controls, etc.) like the one used in Rigify. Otherwise I'm very happy with my purchase. Please keep up the good work!

    • Lucas Veber over 1 year ago

      Nice to hear, thanks! Duly noted.

  • ChrisP over 1 year ago

    When learning this addon for Unreal Engine (or any game engine), familiarizing yourself with Blender's animation system and UE's import will greatly help to streamline your animation. Also, Read The Docs - take notes on it, and your problems will be reduced SIGNIFICANTLY.

    With persistence, I am getting a smooth animation pipeline to UE4 with facial animation. The reason why I gave this 5 stars - is because not only do I have a stable workflow now, but the Author Artell keeps this addon updated with bug fixes and new features that makes this addon worth more than advertised.

    Do yourself a favor, get the full version. Read the docs, and have fun. This is such an important addon to have if you want to animate characters within Blender and your game engine of choice.

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Many thanks for this review, best of luck in your projects!

  • Nick6 over 1 year ago

    This is my first buy of a blender addon, i really impresed, great tool!

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Thanks for this appreciation Nick6!

  • tytiki over 1 year ago

    Bought specifically for the UE4 export. The addon works flawlessly and the remap function is super useful. Also, the customer support would be worth another five stars. Thanks again.

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Thanks for taking time to write this review tytiki, good luck with your projects!

  • dantus over 1 year ago

    Fantastic product overall!
    I could not wrap my head around all the details, but wanted to make sure that I am not forgetting to review this product. Even without that, there is a lot for that price which works very well for the use cases I tried out so far.

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Very much appreciated, thanks dantus!

  • biblesinger over 1 year ago

    Keeps getting better and better. 5 stars for always keeping it up to date and adding new features. Few do that anymore. Thanks again!

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Thank you!

  • anna-draws-things over 1 year ago

    This is a beautiful and intuitive rigging mechanism with so much flexibility I could hardly believe it. I absolutely love it, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. My only issues are a couple tiny tweaks that would make it easier to understand or use, specifically;

    -When I try to tweak the weight painting on certain bones I can't find them/pick the wrong ones, which is a long and tedious fix. Granted, there isn't ever going to be an easy solution to this. I would suggest making a quick "how to" on selecting correct bones/modifiers for people who don't have very much experience in the area. (not like a weight painting tutorial or anything, but just a clarification on how to really get in there to the bones you want to find/what bones could be affecting what part of the mesh. Heck, there might already be a video about this and I just haven't found it.)
    -No T-pose support (which could be a bug?) More of a "time is money" pipeline issue. For those of us who like to use Adobe Fuse or happen to have more complex meshes that have asymmetrical components, it's a fiddly and time-consuming process to go through and retool everything, especially with deadlines. You could change the pose in a program like Mixamo, but this will usually destroy your mesh topology. I'm sure it's being looked at, so for now, I am happy to just tweak stuff.

    These issues are minor, and really don't get in the way of my appreciation for this awesome addon. It's completely worth the money. I can't wait to see what happens next!

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Hey Anna, thanks a lot for the feedback. About weight painting, I advise you to display only the bottom last layer of the armature (31) to display the deforming bones. Thus you can pick the bones and select the associated bone automatically. You can force the rest pose to T-pose by posing your character in T-pose, apply the armature modifiers of the meshes objects, and in pose mode, hit Ctrl-A to apply the pose as the rest pose. But be aware the reference bones position haven't changed, so if you click Match to Rig again it will go back to the original rest pose. Feel free to send a support message to chat about it :)

  • Claudio Malagrino over 1 year ago

    This is a great investment! Auto-Rig Pro is getting better every version! It was hard to get it at first, but with the help of the latest videos I could make it work at its best!

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Thank you Claudio! Doing my best to keep it cool :-) I hope you'll enjoy.

  • KANITABE over 1 year ago

    I bought Complete Version.
    but It wasn't as satisfying as I thought.
    If there are Rigify, then it's enough I think.

    Now that I have paid, I want more advantage. such as automation into bone, such as many driver for grip.

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Gasp! When you buy a car, the vendor gives you a full list of the car features, you can even choose its color. Then after buying, would you say to the vendor the car is bad because now you want it blue instead of red, and want new features in it?

  • Vavrinec Foltan over 1 year ago

    I'm glad to give five stars. This purchase was worth it.

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Thanks larry, very appreciated.

  • Latheesh V M over 1 year ago

    A 1000$ worth plugin!! Awesome updates. Customer service is one of a kind A++++++. Thank you, Lucas for making Blender better !!

    • artell over 1 year ago

      thanks Latheesh!

  • purpleshine over 1 year ago

    Fantastic product, also for mocap and very great support (one of the best I had). Would rate it 6 starts if I could.

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Thank you!

  • Takayosky over 1 year ago

    Hello Artell

    I started experimenting with the autorig.
    And I discovered that whereas there is head lock function, I can not find where is arm(leg) lock function.
    I need to turn off rotation inheritance from torso to FK arm and legs. Is there a function switch on/ off rotation inheritance?
    I can't animate with rotation inheritance turned on. (need to counter animate and can't keep good arc)
    Please let me now where I can find the switch. Please add it if there is none cuz I want to use this autorig.


    • artell over 1 year ago

      Hello Takayovsky, you could have sent a support message instead of rating to discuss it in a better way, only one reply is allowed there. You can simply select the c_arm_fk controller and turn off Inherit Rotation in the bone panel:

  • Coverop over 1 year ago

    This addon does the job. Sometimes It might be confusing but... It's much faster than setting up everything from scratch.

    The flexibility that this addon gives is outstanding.

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Thanks Coverop, that's appreciated :-)

  • Frank Mees almost 2 years ago

    Great addon!

    • artell over 1 year ago

      Thank you!

  • haroldyk about 2 years ago

    Good add on!
    How to use multiple rigs in one blender file?

    • artell about 2 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback haroldyk! When rigging a character, it's better to use one character per blender file. Then merge them into another file by appending all of the objects from this character file(File>Append). Unfortunately Blender 2.78c is buggy on this side and crash when appending, and after many trials there's nothing I can do to prevent this. Hopefully they fixed it in the latest blender build wich you can download here: So it should be fixed in the next release too, Blender 2.79. For further assistance feel free to send a message bly clicking under the red lifebelt 'Create Message' on the right.

  • Ali about 2 years ago

    Thanks for this cool add-on. Saves lots of my time.

    • artell about 2 years ago

      Thanks Ali!

  • simonjames247 about 2 years ago

    I can't imagine how I will work without this addon. It is time-saver in my opinion.

    • artell about 2 years ago

      Thank you!

  • dd2009 over 2 years ago

    Great stuff, well worth the money. saving me bags of time. documentation is ok but did get stuck sometimes. but Artell was there to help me through it.

    • artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks dd2009 , glad everything works fine now.

  • papasmurf7777 over 2 years ago

    Great addon! time saver

    • artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks for rating papasmurf7777, hope it will be useful to you.

  • Merlin over 2 years ago

    This add-on simplifies the cumbersome rigging process. It's not as foolproof as Mixamo, yet, but offers much more flexibility and customization.

    Customer support is excellent, questions are answered swift and thoroughly. Well worth it's price tag.

    • artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks Blue Driver!

  • Gary over 2 years ago

    Awesome addon! Simple to use and such a time saver. Also, if you have any questions, the customer support is top notch. Highly recommended!

    • artell over 2 years ago

      Thank you Gary!

  • rickytv over 2 years ago

    Love it, been looking for a rig that is this easy to use. Mostly made mine from scratch before. A little rough on the edges and the documentation vids are decent, but the rig is really good in quality. the updates are pretty frequent and hope it keeps on coming.

    • artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks rickytv! The updates won't stop... I don't know if you use the Remap (motion capture/ any rig retargetting) tool but I've found a way to automatize the axis orientation and order part wich currently take a few minutes and may be tricky to do. If everything goes well, it will be instant and easy.

  • tarava777 over 2 years ago

    There is a bug and it does not work properly. I will be forced to quit so it is very troubling.
    on Blender2.78a Windows 64Bit

    • artell over 2 years ago

      Before rating it: if you encounter any bugs please report it. Sometime a new Blender version makes something unstable and buggy, or some special cases may be hard to predict, we're just humans! So please report it, and be assured i'll do my best it to fix it quickly. Updates are free and will remain free. Thanks for your understanding and happy blending :-)

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