Auto-Rig Pro: Quick Rig

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

What is Quick Rig?

IMPORTANT: Quick Rig is an extension for the Auto-Rig Pro addon, it means Auto-Rig Pro is required to be installed first. The latest version must be installed for compatibility purposes.

Don't waste your time re-rigging already rigged characters anymore!

Quick Rig turns rapidly any skeleton + mesh into a full Auto-Rig Pro armature with controllers ready for animation, including weights preservation, IK-FK generation...

Built to support the vast majority of character skeletons, even non-standard bones axes.

How it works:

See the video demo.

  • Add limbs: select the first bone of a limb (e.g. the shoulder for the arm), then click the + button to add a limb
  • Ensure the limbs settings are correct: blanks are filled with correct bones, and bones axes are properly set. These settings are automatically set when adding the limb, but depending on the skeleton complexity they may be incorrect sometimes.
  • Click Quick Rig! to generate the final rig
  • To try other settings, click Revert to go back to the base skeleton


  • Import and export custom mapping preset files
  • Built-in mapping presets: Realillusion Character Creator/ Character Creator +, Unreal Mannequin
  • Auto-detection of the selected bone type for quick limb setup

Supports the following limbs:

  • Spine: from 2 to 6 spine bones
  • Head: neck (optional), head bone. Up to 2 neck bones.
  • Leg: thigh, calf, foot, toes bone. With optional twist bones.
  • Arm: shoulder (optional), arm, forearm, hand and finger bones (optional). With optional twist bones. 3 or 4 phalanges per finger (with or without metacarps).

  • Orphan bones support: even bones that are not part of the standard limbs definition (facial bones, unusual twist and tweak bones, bones for clothes and props...) are inserted in the rig hierarchy automatically, to ensure *all* bones are included in the final rig properly.
  • Custom shape drawing options for orphan bones. 
  • Automatic leg and arm angle correction if bones are perfectly straight, to avoid IK direction issues
  • Neck with optional automatic twist rotation
  • Weight Overrides: If the skeleton is special, use weight overrides to ensure to set correct skinning weight matches, by manually setting the correct bone weight for a given bone.


Although the tool is quite complete, some limitations apply that may be lifted in future versions:

  • 2 twist bones max supported for arms and legs(4 in total, 2 arm + 2 forearm)
  • 2 neck bones max
  • Legs made of 3 bones (upper thigh, thigh and calf plus foot and toes) not yet supported (some quadrupeds have these type of leg)
  • Multiple heads or multiple spines not yet supported
  • Facial head bones not yet supported as Auto-Rig Pro facial bones, however they're supported as default controllers for now




  • Automatic knee alignment for best results with IK legs
  • Force the foot bone head position to match the calf bone tail position in option
  • DAZ preset
  • More correct global rig scale
  • Option to clear existing limbs when importing a new preset


  • Incorrect hands and fingers rotation (and possibly others) if the armature object had non zeroed-out transforms



  • Toes bone is now optional


  • Fingers roll issue
  • Crash when another addon was enabled



  • New mixamo import preset
  • Show an error message if the preset could not be loaded because of different bone names


  • Missing fingers inputs was leading to an error
  • Import preset could fail
  • Various other fixes not listed


  • Initial Release