Auto Eye

by Lucas Falcao in Models

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  • SlyCreature 97 8 months ago

    This add-on is a really hidden gem! Even for a beginner it's easy to setup and customise to your preference, and developer is also supportive!
    This is the only thing you will ever need to create beautiful eyes for different characters, including animals, in like 10 min or so!

    Right now I have a problem with iris shader on my Intel hd 6000, but I hope it will be resolved soon :)

  • Justin David 8 months ago

    This plugin is *exactly* what I needed. I've done eye textures in Photoshop before, but this is so much easier, and the results are unparalleled. Well worth the price!

  • Kerillians 8 months ago

    Beautiful to look at and simple to customize.

  • Office Park 10 months ago

    Easy to use and quick to learn!

  • inthemtrees 10 months ago

    Lovely balanced feature-wise.

  • Joseph Jolton 11 months ago

    This thing is wicked cool. The flexibility of the materials and the support from the developer is absolutely fantastic. Need eyes? Look no further!

  • ani over 1 year ago

    Quick and detailed customization! Saves tons of time creating a good eye texture! Awesome support! :)

  • papasmurf7777 over 1 year ago

    The customization of Auto Eye is amazing!

  • S over 1 year ago

    Creates beautiful looking eyes very quickly. TONS of fine tuning is possible, and a great attention to detail. (I had not heard of the pupillary before getting this tool.) I wanted to create some fantasy eyes, and guess what, if you want a monster eye with black sclera and red irises you can do that, too.

  • Henrietta Mrena over 1 year ago

    Auto Eye is the best procedural eye generator I've seen so far. You can customize literally everything to make the perfect eye for your characters and not just for humans but for animals like cats, snake and even herbivores like goats and horses. The creator is also very kind and open to questions and suggestions. I would recommend to every character artists.

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