Abkit: Abdou'S Inserts Pack For Kit Ops

by Abdoubouam in Models

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  • David William Webb 28 days ago

    A fantastic collection of really useful real world inserts. Buy it now!
    Would love to see a USB-C port in any future update! :)

    • abdoubouam 27 days ago

      I'm glad to hear you like it.
      I added the USB-C port now (version 1.1.5) and you can download it. Thanks for the suggestion and the rating!

  • klmgraphics 5 months ago

    What else can be said about this that has not already been said? Kit Ops and everything created for it are of the best quality and will be my go to resource for everything I create in Blender. Hats off to the developers, I dont see where they left a single thing to chance with the tools they have created! A must have for anyone serious about creating in Blender!

  • leon1991 9 months ago

    Excellent high quality product!

    • abdoubouam 9 months ago

      I'm glad you like it :)

  • Team Csharp 11 months ago

    This guys presentation... sold me. Great pack!

    • abdoubouam 11 months ago

      I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review :)

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