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How to correctly import a logo in svg format into curveMultitrail

Normally, you can directly use the svg import function that comes with blender to import the logo in svg format.

The essential problem is that the logo must be in a curved state, with no edges or fills. Of course, you can also modify each curve in the imported svg Collection, change it here

Note, click first and then modify. Then assign the entire collection to the Curves Collection, like this:

You should be able to see the effect. Of course, please note that if the logo is too large or too small, the result will be strange. If the logo size needs to be fixed, you can adjust the size of the head, trails, or particles to match the logo size. The dispersion can also be adjusted appropriately for better performance. adaptation.. Here are the final results of the SVG test:

Quickly alternate between trails

When using a large number of trails, if there is an alternation in the relationship between objects, you can appropriately adjust the curve position of the trails (curveMultiTrails) or adjust the trajectory of the trails themselves (multiTrails). The length of trails can also be appropriately reduced. This problem only occurs occasionally when using the eevee renderer. I think it may be because if part of a trail is close to the screen on the curve, and another part is far away from the screen on the curve, it will be difficult for eevee to judge the relationship between multiple curves. You can also use the CyclesX renderer to avoid this possibility entirely.

Rendered particles are messed up

Rendering a small number of particles can get the correct rendering effect even without Bake. If rendering particles on a large scale, be sure to select and Bake to ensure correct rendering.

Particle glow rendering

Just open Bloom in eevee.

In cyclesX, you need to add a Glare node to Composition.

Export abc file

Device configuration

Please use a PC configuration that is officially approved by Blender. It is recommended to use mainstream computer configurations within five years, and try to use more than 32GB of memory and more than 6G of video memory. It is recommended to use Nvidia RTX series graphics cards.

Version issue

Please make sure you are using blender 4.0 or higher.Newer versions of components will be developed using newer Blender versions in order to provide more efficient and convenient functions. Therefore, generally speaking, keeping the latest version of Blender will provide better compatibility, which can solve some problems where the effects do not run as expected after opening the project.

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