Wrap Gen - Generate Fully Customisable/Procedural Wraps

by hodgson3d in Modifier Setups

Wrap Gen is a generator designed to allow users to have full control over wrap creation. The generator allows your to set your own custom geometry to be wrapped. You can choose to array objects along the wraps OR wrap single objects along the wrap curves.
Wrap Gens internal shrinkwrap/convex hull system that takes into account the contours of the shape you are wrapping too. It will behave exactly as a tight rope/strap should over concave/convex areas of your mesh ensuring realistic results.

Step 1: Draw out a guide curve
Step 2: Adjust the curve radius to dial in where the wraps interact with the target mesh/collection
Step 3: Set your target mesh/collection and your wrap mesh.
Step 4: Customize your settings to add randomness etc.

Choose to wrap a collection of objects or a single mesh using the updated menu.

Self Collision detection for all wraps to generate more realistic layering.

-Assign custom geometry to be wrapped.

-Set the amount of wraps required.
-Random offset from surface/Random rotations (with seed parameter exposed for quick iterations of randomization).

-Scatter objects along your wraps. Perfect for adding knots and imperfections along ropes to break up the shape and give an organic random look.

-Ability to choose if you want to array your object along the curves or if you want to wrap a single object. If enable the array option, it will array the wrap mesh as many times as needed in order to fill the entire curve. If you instead want to wrap a single mesh, disable this setting. 

-When wrapping non array hero geometry, you can avoid repetition by increasing the random radial rotation to breakup each individual wraps rotation around the target mesh.

Please let me know if you have any issues or feedback. I am always happy to help.

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