Wonder Mesh

by WiresoulStudio in Models

Wonder Mesh lets you create and edit parametric primitives in Blender.

You are probably aware, that when you create any mesh in Blender, you have options available only right after the creation. If you do anything else (even just deselect the object) the options are gone.

Well, this addon ties the settings with the mesh itself and you can edit them at any point.

Version 1.0:

  • Finally you can animate all the parameters!!! :D
  • All basic shapes should be now available. (Added Cone, Capsule and Torus)
  • Still no automatic UVs and procedural vertex groups tho :/

Version 0.1:

  • So far, there are only Plane, Box, Ring, Tube, Sphere and Screw objects available. More will come with future updates.
  • The values cannot be animated for now. (Also planned in future).
  • There shouldn't, but could be minor performance issues. Version 0.1 is proof of concept and test of stability. Optimisation is next step :)
  • You have to convert the object to basic mesh before editing in Edit mode. All changes will be overwritten by the addon otherwise!!!

You can create the parametric objects form add menu [Shift+A] > Mesh > W_Primitives or from "Create" tab in 3D view toolbar [T].

Parameters of the object can be edited in the bottom of the mesh properties:

All properties are tied up with the mesh. So if you duplicate the object with [Alt+D] and the instances will share the same mesh, they will share the properties also.

Anytime any property is changed, the mesh is updated and all previous changes are lost. If you want to edit the mesh (as usual), use the "Convert WMesh" button.

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  • garfield5mm 3 months ago


  • Rolando Aguilera 8 months ago

    where is the instalation help??

  • Goro Matsumoto about 1 year ago

    Please support more primitives!

  • toomanydemons over 1 year ago

    This addon works fabulously with Asset management. I have added all of the Wmeshes to my library so I can instantiate them on facenormals and change them all at once. Looking forward to more shapes!!

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