Wonder Mesh

by WiresoulStudio in Models

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  • moontan 7 months ago

    i got it for free on Gumroad but decided to purchase it as a thank you to the developer.
    it's very useful for Booleans when you decide that the objects need more or less geometry.

  • Andy Tanguay 7 months ago

    3DS Max refugees - and fans of parametric assets in general - you need this. Not sure what people are complaining about, but this is invaluable. All of the primitives should work this way frankly.

    Buy it and support this developer!

    Feature request...a spring, a chamfer box and cylinder, some of those hedron shapes.

  • Gustavo Guzman 10 months ago

    Not what I expected: I was under the impression it would simply keep the parameter box active when the unedited object was selected. instead, this offers its own limited set of paramaterized objects, none of which are gears.

  • Robert Wesseling 11 months ago

    I just bought the addon so that I could leave a review here.
    This because this addon deservers a way better rating. First, the developers offers it for free and optionally you can pay for it.
    There are more reasons why this addon has a future. Let's say you add a bevel modifier to a normal cube and you scale the cube, you will see the bevels distorted. This is not the case with the Wonder Mesh primitives. I suggest the users to experiment with some modifiers in the modifier stack like: taper, remesh in blocks, bevel, cast etc.
    In the past there was an issue with flipped normals in some primitives. Not sure if that is still the case. I'll check.
    Thanks for the nice addon.

  • markholley 11 months ago

    An excellent add-on. One thing that I missed about 3DS Max was the ability to change primitives up a little bit (add segmentation, change other parameters), after I transformed them. Wonder Mesh provides this functionality. Plus, it allows you to animate them, which is WONDERful. :)

  • garfield5mm over 1 year ago


  • Rolando Aguilera almost 2 years ago

    where is the instalation help??

  • Goro Matsumoto over 2 years ago

    Please support more primitives!

  • toomanydemons over 2 years ago

    This addon works fabulously with Asset management. I have added all of the Wmeshes to my library so I can instantiate them on facenormals and change them all at once. Looking forward to more shapes!!

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