Water Flow Shader Bw

by Blenderthings in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Fernando Sanchez 11 months ago

    Well, I cant it make flow, neither with 2.80, 2.82.... Its a great shader, but I cant it flow at all... I looked the video, read the documentation.. and nothing.. .I am trying it with your blender file.. and no way.. any help?

    • Mathias Eimann 11 months ago

      Hi Fernando, please check in the shader-editor the Nodegroup that is called "Water Flow Shader BW" open it by pressing the little nodes-icon to the right of the Title, or by selecting and pressing Tab. In there is a node called "Value" it should have a purple background, meaning it is a driver (also see the product-images, there the node is shown). hover over the value in the node , right click and select delete driver. Now the inputfield should be grey again. If you doubleclick the value and insert instead of a value the string "#frame" it creates a new driver (it will output a number based on the scene-frame). alternatively you would animate this value from 0 to the end of your timeline if drivers are too dificult. I do not know why some system will use the driver and some not. I hope that helps - feel free to contact me via blendermarket or here - cheers

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