Vrtoon Shader For Eevee

by Kafuji in Surfacing

Important Product Update:

Please be advised that this product has now reached the end of its support lifecycle.
We are excited to continue serving your needs with our new product, VRToon Shader Manager V2.
We appreciate your understanding and are here to assist with a smooth transition.

Version 1.1.1

VRToon Shader for Eevee is a Shader add-on for Blender 2.8x or later.

With great flexibility, this shader is capable of making Anime/Cartoon style looks.

The main goal of this shader is mixing the goodness of PBR and NPR,

to deliver the best looks in any lighting environment.


  • Extremely easy to set up. 
    Comes with fully automated Shader importer / converter / updater.

  • Based on PBR Lightings of Eevee.
    The Shader generates NPR results from PBR shading info.

  • Works with all light sources 
    Sun, point, etc, and HDRIs.

  • Highly flexible Toon settings.
    Color, Strength, Sharpness, Shift.

  • Flexible Alpha transparencies.
    Texture, Material, Glossy

  • Can use Sphere Maps.
    Sphere Map is something like Matcap, typically found on MMD models.

  • Configurable Glossy factors. 
    Sphere Map, PBR Specular, NPR Rim Light

  • Configurable AO.
    Can twerk AO power by material basis.

  • Works on any color spaces. 
    Best fit for Linear color space but works great also on other color spaces.

  • All features are packed into only one node "VRToon".
    Just put your textures into the node and you’ll get a decent result.

  • Comes with "VRToon Manager" add-on.
    Fully implemented, automate and batch control on the shader. 


With two point lights, AO, High toon sharpness. 

With HDRI environment, with AO, low toon sharpness.


2020/11/04 v1.1.1

 - (Script) The Manager now is able to handle material settings.

 - (Script) The Manager parameters now sync with active material selection.

 - (Script) Target material list now has better UI/UX.

 - (Script) Manager features are splitted into sub panels.

2020/10/24 v1.1.0

- (General) Changed install method to as pure addon's way.

- (Shader) Changed Shader Node Group name to "VRToon BSDF"

How to update - Just click the "Append / Update VRToon" button on the VRToon Manager panel, and all VRToon materials will be updated.

- (Shader) Totally reworked on shader algorithms for more accuracy and performance.

- (Shader) Screen space reflections now work.

- (Shader) Changed "Emission" socket type from VALUE to COLOR

- (Shader) Changed "Emission" works as Glossy factor (now affect by "Glossy Alpha")

- (Shader) Added "Emission Power" input

- (Shader) Changed Specular and Rim "Sharpness" to "Roughness" (will Automatically converted by updater)

- (Shader) Now you can choose Sphere Map mode - Add or Multiply(Mul). Mul Sphere Map works exactly the same as MatCap.

- (Shader) Fixed shader's normal calculations. Now results physically collect looks.

- (Shader) Fixed bug where "Sphere Map Shade Mix" and "Rim Shade Mix" didn't work correctly.

- (Shader) SphereMapper now got a Normals input.

- (Shader) Added version number to the Shader Node output socket.

- (General) Fixed errors where setting "Glossy Alpha" from VRToon panel (Socket name was wrong in the Node Group).

- (General) Added "VRToon Tex Baker" node for Cycles. This node is useful for baking diffuse texture for NPR objects.

- (Script) Added "Append / Update VRToon" function to automate appending the latest VRToon Node Group from the addon file.

- (Script) Added Convert Tools, including "Update VRToon", "Convert to Principle", "Convert to VRToon".

- (Script) Added "Save as custom properties" and "Load from custom properties" functions.

- (Script) Fixed an issue on selecting target material in the panel, when there are materials that has partially the same name to others.

- (Script) Added "Set to Rendered" option in Preferences. If enabled, all viewport shading type will be set to "Rendered"

- (Script) Whole code was redesigned.

2020/08/10 v1.0.1

- Fixed error where selecting object with material that has node group but the group is None.

- Fixed error where 'SetNodeParams' fails when VRToon node has name other than 'VRToon'. 

  Changed to check node group name inside of the node, instead of node name.

2020/08/09 v1.0.0 (Out of beta stage)

- Added "Glossy Alpha" feature to make glossy factor controllable independly from material alpha

- Ungrouped all node groups inside of VRToon node group

- Added 'Toggle Material to Apply' feature on VRToon Manager.

- Added 'View Material in the Shader Editor' feature on VRToon Manager.

- Minor changes on VRToon Manager UI.

2020/07/14 v0.9.0 (Beta release)

- Initial Release

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Published almost 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.9, 2.83, 2.82
License Royalty Free
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