Vrtoon Shader For Eevee

by Kafuji in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Version 1.0.1

VRToon Shader for Eevee is a Shader Node for Blender 2.82 or later.

This shader is capable to make Anime/Cartoon style looks with great flexibility.

Mathematically based on PBR shading info, this Shader works in any lighting environment.


  • Based on PBR Lightings of Eevee.
    The Shader generates NPR results from PBR shading info.

  • Works with all light sources 
    Sun, point, etc, and HDRIs.

  • Highly flexible Toon settings.
    Color, Strength, Sharpness, Shift.

  • Flexible Alpha transparencies.
    Texture, Material, Glossy

  • Can use Sphere Maps.
    Sphere Map is an additive mat cap, typically found on MMD models.

  • Configurable Glossy factors. 
    Sphere Map, PBR Specular, NPR Rim Light

  • Configurable AO.
    Can twerk AO power by material basis.

  • Works on any color spaces. 
    Best fit for Linear color space but works great also on other color spaces.

  • All features are packed into only one node "VRToon".
    Just put your textures into the node and you’ll get a decent result.

  • Comes with "VRToon Manager" add-on.
    Batch parameter setting tool. You can tweak many materials at once.


With two point lights, AO, High toon sharpness. 

With HDRI environment, with AO, low toon sharpness.


2020/08/10 v1.0.1

- Fixed error where selecting object with material that has node group but the group is None.

- Fixed error where 'SetNodeParams' fails when VRToon node has name other than 'VRToon'. 

  Changed to check node group name inside of the node, instead of node name.

2020/08/09 v1.0.0 (Out of beta stage)

- Added "Glossy Alpha" feature to make glossy factor controllable independly from material alpha

- Ungrouped all node groups inside of VRToon node group

- Added 'Toggle Material to Apply' feature on VRToon Manager.

- Added 'View Material in the Shader Editor' feature on VRToon Manager.

- Minor changes on VRToon Manager UI.

2020/07/14 v0.9.0 (Beta release)

- Initial Release