Vrtoon Shader Manager V2

by Kafuji in Addons

🔥🔥🔥The Ultimate NPR Shading Solution for Blender🔥🔥🔥

Highly customizable, batch control, high quality anime-looking in a few seconds!

Unleashing Blender Eevee's potential, this add-on brings state-of-art NPR shaders with insanely advanced Shader Manager UI.

Let's create best anime-looking characters and scenes with minimum effort!😍😍😍

* VRToon Shader Manager V2 is hugely upgraded from the former "VRToon Shader" add-on. It is now considered a completely new product, standing on its own *

Key Features

  • Cel Look and Semi Real VRToon Shaders:

    • This add-on comes with 2 highly customizable NPR Shaders, covers different needs. And you can switch between shaders in a blink of time.

  • Parametric, Productive, Flexible :

    • Default shaders generates NPR results parametrically, produces best looking with great flexibility.

  • Extremely easy to Set-up:

    • With the VRToon Shader Manager, just 1 click to setup the shader for your entire model.

  • Rapid tweaking:

    • The VRToon Manager allows you to tweak shading parameters on entire model at once.

  • Put your own shaders in:

    • The VRToon Manager can handle any shader, as long as it is a Node Group.

  • Advanced outline generator:

    • You can add advanced, beautiful outline to your model easily with VRToon Manager.

Original character "Sakura Haru" - Rendered with VRToon Cel-Look

Original character "Ryoka F Wendel V2" - Rendered with VRToon Cel-Look. Using some settings for hard surfaces and emission effects.

Suzanne - Rendered with VRToon Cel-Look. Explicit Specular and Rim light effects.

For more information, please refer the online documents:

    Change Log

    - 2024/04/08 v2.1.8

      - Hotfix: Fixed an issue which causes error on load on MacOS.

      - Fixed all other functions that uses directory separator for cross-platform compatibility.

    Sales 40+
    Published 3 months ago
    Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
    License Editorial
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