Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning

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  • tim bonnotte
    about 2 months ago

    Amazing product. I was struggling with my cloth, even the data transfer wasn't good enough and in a simple click I can now manage to make my cloth fit my mesh and even adjust easily the mesh after posing.

  • Reghardt Ferreira
    2 months ago

    I bought this a long time ago and didn't think I'd have any use for it, up until now. Thank you for your work! This has made character rigging a breeze, especially in conjunction with Auto Rig Pro. :)

  • gg4869
    5 months ago

    Works better than I expected. but still not perfect for elbows.

  • @[email protected]
    6 months ago

    Very useful timesaving addon.

  • Cheung Siu Siu
    6 months ago

    I tried for 1 month to try to solve weight paint problem, I bought another Addon which costed me US$40, but my problem was not solved. I watched another Youtube video and found this Addon. I bought it and solve my weight paint problem and I finally got a Mesh without hole, without ugly / strange mesh. Thank you very much. I wish I knew about this Addon one month ago!

  • Markus Weber
    7 months ago

    Awesome addon!

  • Todor Nikolov
    10 months ago

    If you need something that is 100x more robust than Blender's native Automatic Weights, this is the tool you want. No more "Bone heat weighting error" and the results are great.

    Is it a one-click solution? - It is as close as it gets to one.

    Will you never have to paint weights by hand again? - Depends on your needs. For fine control, additional weight painting may be necessary.

    By the way, did I mention you won't get "Bone heat weighting error"? :))

  • David
    11 months ago

    Excellent service, developer gives a fast response and is very helpful, apparently I had to combine all the models of the character, and after skinning I could separate them again. This gave me the results that I wanted. This will definitely save time in the future!

  • Steffen
    11 months ago

    (Insert very, very, very favorable review here)

  • Laurent CHATELLIER
    12 months ago

    Really good results, I use it in conjunction with Auto-rig pro, and it simplifies the rigging-skinning process a lot.

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