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This Bundle contains some of our Lighting Tool Addons, if you buy this, it will surely help you get that realism added to your scene and more in blender, we have bundled together three addons and one for free ,

they are 

Vera Product Light

Vera Camera Motion

Vera Lighting Studio Proand Cinematic Lighting

Vera Product Lighting

This Addon does not need that much of an introduction because it is straight forward, Vera Product Light Studio is an addon focused on Lighting of your Object, these can be products like cars, Electronics, Human Models and so on, you do not need to do a lot of things, just select the preset u want and get a good lighting environment in seconds, 

Watch Video Below for all features

What makes this addon unique from other addons is it does not only provide Light Objects only but also adds Grounds for your Subjects, So you do not have to worry about setting up any scene, just Select Preset and Continue

Vera Studio Lighting

Vera Light Studio is the easiest and fastest way to light your model in seconds you do not need knowledge of lighting and all that crap just tap the Lighting Preset you like and then Vera does all the magic, it comes with Mesh Lights and Volumetric effect for that scifi effects real quick

Also available on Gumroad

How to install "extract the zip and read the "README" file or just extract the zip and install the zip in the blender 2.8+ folder if you have latest blender versions"

Get Started

You can decide to Use the Vera Platform which is a plane for your model or just use a transparent or a black background for your model according to your preference

Cinematic Lighting Addon

This Addon color grades your hdri to give it that nice cinematic dark look or any otherlook you have in mind giving you that cool good looking lighting on your model

Its  compatible with Eevee and for Cycles you will have to turn the density to 0 to see and output or else you get a black background

Video Demo of Addon At Work

Vera Camera Motion

Video Demo

This addon adds real life camera motions to your scene recorded using Motion Tracking in Blender, it comes with 25 presets straight out of the box, just select a preset, add camera and switch to it, these cameras are automatically aligned at their good positions but you can move them to any desired location using the "Vera Camera" Empty,

if you want an advanced way of handheld motion creation in blender Check Out Quake Motion Camera, Blenders best motion camera addon ever Developed from us

This Addon comes with 25 presets, all for you to use in your scenes, anywhere, just add, Drag and play

Walking Motion Motion

This is my favorite, you can use it to pull out that human movement in your project, i was moving near a subject and going back to create this real life motion that you can use

Shake Well Motion

You can use this for normal shots that require no movement or action or a lot of motion, this adds realism and humanism to your Projects

Heads Up Motion

This is like a human head looking around or a phone camera, you can use this with a zoom and depth feature Blender offers to add realism to your scene


Easy Displacer Addon Blender's Most Advanced Displacement Addon

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Particles-X Blender's Most Advanced Particle System Addon with Presets

Scifi Elements Addon which creates scifi elements in your scene easily

Quake Motion Camera, Blenders best motion camera addon ever created

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