Easy Bake - Texture, Uv, Procedural Materials And More

by Inlet in Addons

You have a model that has more than 1 texture and material UV-mapped on it. Or maybe there's a lot of materials and textures. So now you want to combine them all into 1 where you can easily add or remove details from the materials. Usually you'd have to use Image Editor software to put all those materials together and then add it to Blender.

With Easy Bake the hassle of putting everything together is solved, as it combines all materials from the targeted object into 1 material that you can easily export as an image and edit if you want to. Or you can just directly UV map on it without any modifications.

Looking for the newer version compatible with Blender 4.0+ then check out Easy Bake 2 - https://blendermarket.com/products/easy-bake-2

One of the best functions this has is the ability for you to export procedural textures or texture combinations derived from Node Groups and alterations, something which is just not available in default Blender. By being able to export textures like this you can easily transfer that data anywhere with ease that's impossible without this addon.

Also, you can Merge Objects by exporting multiple objects' UV maps into 1 material. Such can be useful if you want to export in bulk for your Image Editor or other needs.

Release Notes

    Version 2.2

    • Added an Autosave toggle next to the 'Bake' button. When the Autosave button is on, it saves the Blender project before baking begins, so if you need to cancel a long 'bake' you can quit/restart Blender without losing progress.

      Version 2.1

      • Now it exports textures, materials with names compatible with Node Wrangler (so that you can import it directly and it will connect to the nodes automatically where applicable) and gives a warning message when a material doesn't have a BSDF node.

      Version 2.0

      • Corrected an issue in Default Blender where the diffuse layer would render black when using metallic/gloss nodes
      • Improved a flaw in Default Blender by adding the ability to bake metallic maps, which were previously unable to be rendered alone
      • Fixed an issue in Default Blender where metallic and gloss maps would bake as a 1-bit image, resulting in limited monochrome output
      • Added the ability to bake and export UV maps, with separate options for each map type, which are distinct from baking them directly
      • Enhanced the user interface to increase clarity and ease of use for the options
      • Added a button for each map type, enabling users to quickly initiate the baking process for that map
      • Prevented an error that could occur during the bake process if a non-mesh object was active in the selection

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      Published about 1 year ago
      Blender Version 2.83, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
      License GPL
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