Easy Bake 2 - Texture, Uv, Procedural Materials And More

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If you possess a model equipped with more than one texture and material UV-mapped onto it, or perhaps if there's an abundance of materials and textures, the subsequent desire might be to consolidate them into a singular entity. The conventional process would involve exporting them into an Image Editor, mixing and then incorporating them into Blender.

However, with Easy Bake 2, the cumbersome task of material amalgamation is effectively resolved. This tool facilitates the amalgamation of all materials associated with the designated object into a single material that uses Principled BSDF, which can be effortlessly exported as an image and subsequently edited. Alternatively, it allows for direct UV mapping without necessitating any modifications.

New features of this addon include an updated UI, fully re-written code for Blender's newest version 4.0, major bugfixes and stability improvements as well as new features allowing for Alpha and Emission strength baking.

Alternatively, you can divide material maps by utilizing the 'Split Slots' function, which is the opposite of the default process, enabling the individual export of each material slot.

'Bake Queue' addition enables the bulk baking of multiple objects and their material slots, eliminating the need for lengthy manual exports.

A standout feature of Easy Bake 2 is the export of procedural textures, combinations and modifications generated from Node Groups, a functionality notably absent in default Blender. By enabling the export of textures in this manner, the addon enables smooth and effortless data transfer to any desired destination, which is an otherwise unfeasible task.

With the recent Easy Bake 2 update, you can now explore a diverse array of shader nodes beyond the limitations of BSDF. Effortlessly tailor parameters, create groups, and generate presets as you seamlessly progress through the texture-baking procedure. Please note that baking out of BSDF is not compatible with the Bake queue.

While it involves a more sophisticated approach, the resulting enhanced flexibility and control over the output make it an outstanding feature.

Merge objects by exporting the UV maps of multiple objects into a singular material. Such a function can prove to be valuable particularly when aiming to streamline the bulk export process for utilization in an Image Editor or for other purposes.

Having multiple objects selected will attempt to merge their UVs into one. This only happens if the project has previously been saved, and if Save Bake is enabled. Otherwise it will just bake the active object as normal. Be aware that the process of doing this wipes the History so you won’t be able to Undo changes.

The File Path is set globally (shared across all objects) but you can add an extra file path info to the ‘Name’ property. Dynamic commands still work, so a ‘Name’ of “{object}\T_{type}” will put saved images in the given ‘File Path’, inside a folder which is named the same as the object.

BSDF nodes nested inside of ‘Groups’ can be found and put to baking, tho remember that multiple BSDF nodes in one material can cause issues.


Easy Bake 2 - version 1.3

  • Fixed bug in UV Map picker not changing the UV map baked from when using the Bake Queue

Easy Bake 2 - version 1.2

    • The dynamic name “{slot}” now works better. Previously, when not using ‘Split Slots’, it would be blank (““). Now, it produces the name of the object’s material (when the object has only one material) or “MultiSlot” when the object has several materials
    • Introduced the ‘Easy Life’ update that lets you bake from anything you want, including custom-grouped nodes and 3rd party shaders from addons (not compatible with the Bake Queue)

Easy Bake 2 - version 1.1

    • Now has the option to autosave before baking, so long as the project has been saved once before. Enable in the addon preferences
    • Will now display when baking has finished in the terminal when using the Bake Queue. Go to Window > Toggle System Console
    • The cursor will now switch to ‘thinking’ when baking is taking place
    • Now able to find BSDF nodes even when nested inside of ‘Groups’. Having multiple BSDF nodes in one material will still cause issues!
    • Compatible only with Blender 4.0. If you wish to use for 3.6, use version 1.0

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