Ultimate Water Shader

by Cg Crafted in Materials, Shaders, Textures

The Ultimate Water Shader is a 5 in 1 water solution for all your scenes. Mix it as you wish and create new types of water.
I. General info:
1.) Includes the Ultimate Water Shader "Master" node in the "Water" material
2.) Includes the water nodes sperately in the "Water Performance" material
3.) All types of water are animated
4.) If you mix new waters using the corresponding sliders, the new materials will be animated too

II. Shader usage:
1.) The water materials are built upon each other. 
  a.) If all sliders are set to 0: you have clean/pool water
  b.) if first slider "Clean to Dirty water" is set to 1, you'll get dirty water
  c.) if second slider "Dirty to Lake" is set to 1, you'll get Lake water etc.

III. Transparency
For the lake, ocean, and tropical water, it's possible to control the transparency using simple sliders.

IV. Color
Change the depth and surface color, or the fake depth and fake surface color on the materials. "Fake" means non-transparent (see II.) about sliders.

Files include a test plane with the water assigned to it, and some cubes. And a terrain plane with a very deep cave in it so you'll see how the water reacts to depth.
Works in Blender 2.81+
Eevee compatibility is limited to viewport overview of animation.