Ultimate Water Shader

by Cg Crafted in Materials, Shaders, Textures

I. General info:
1.) Includes the Ultimate Water Shader "Master" node in the "Water" material
2.) Includes the water nodes sperately in the "Water Performance" material
3.) All types of water are animated
4.) If you mix new waters using the corresponding sliders, the new materials will be animated too

5.) You will get lifetime updates

II. Shader usage:
1.) The water materials are built upon each other. 
  a.) If all sliders are set to 0: you have clean/pool water
  b.) if first slider "Clean to Dirty water" is set to 1, you'll get dirty water
  c.) if second slider "Dirty to Lake" is set to 1, you'll get Lake water etc.

III. Transparency
For the lake, ocean, and tropical water, it's possible to control the transparency using simple sliders.

IV. Color
Change the depth and surface color, or the fake depth and fake surface color on the materials. "Fake" means non-transparent (see II.) about sliders.

Files include a test plane with the water assigned to it, and some cubes. And a terrain plane with a very deep cave in it so you'll see how the water reacts to depth.
Works in Blender 2.81+
Eevee compatibility is limited to viewport overview of animation.

Beginner tutorial:

Update history:

v1.2.0 (September 2020): LTS 2.83.5 compatibility version (altough it should work in 2.90 too). 

1. Now both the Eevee and Cycles versions are combined in a single Blender file, under the same material. 

2. The shader will act differently according to the rendering engine used. The Eevee version will be visible in the viewport/if Eevee is selected, and Cycles version will be used automatically if Cycles is selected. This will also speed up the viewport a little bit even if you are using Cycles for the final render.

3. You will be still able to download older versions if you need them.

v1.1.2 (May 2020): Major new release. Blender 2.82 compatibility + some fixes + full Eevee support added

1. Corrected typos on the shaders

2. re-arranged the nodes so they will be approximately in the middle when you first open the file (they were mis-aligned and off-screen after first opening in previous versions).

3. Full Eevee support is here! The shaders were completely re-worked for Eevee and now they have transparency depending on the angle you look at the water (like in real life and Cycles). The main node works with Eevee now, no graphical glitches visible anymore, but it is still quite slow so a GTX 1050 Ti is a minimum requirement. The "Water performance" nodes work perfectly and are still recommended for Eevee. Since Eevee version is made differently some nodes don't have the same settings as the Cycles version, but they don't need them. The Eevee and Cycles variations are in different .blend files now.

v1.0.1 (February 2020): Initial release, the description is for this one. Additional information and new features description will be added to new updates.