Classical Building Generator

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This is a neoclassical house generator with parametric options and variations, procedural textures included. The main house has settings that make it possible to create different types of low poly neoclassical houses for your scene with the same, consistent main style. The house collection must be appended or linked into the scene.

2023.11 v1.1 Update: For Blender 3.4+ fixed the color controllers not working. Fixed some overlapping geometry.

The generator can change:

The length of the house (all sides for the corner variations)

The wall height

Window types

Windows size (per floor)

Portal tops (per floor)

Portal bases (per floor)

Ground floor height

Roof height and window type

On top of these, it has multiple smaller settings that can be adjusted like window frame type, adding stone ornaments and other things.

It can't change:

How many floors the house has. It has 3 floors + ground floor by default but the 3rd or 2nd floor can be manually selected and duplicated or removed for 2 and 4 floor variants. Standard height step: 3.6m, wall height+: 3.8m.

See the settings used. The following gifs demonstrate the 1.) Generic settings and roof settings, 2.) Ground Floor, Floor 1 and 2 settings (3rd floor is same but doesn't have portals) 3.) Procedural texture settings.

Includes two files:

1.)   House 01 LP corner

2.)    House 01 LP straight

The “corner” variant has 2 corners on by default. You need to go to the collections and turn on the other sides (side 3, and side 4) if you want to use them. Important: enable the 2nd corner in the Side 1 collection so Side 3 won't have a missing corner.

The “straight” variant is the same, but contains only 1 side, the other sides are deleted by default.

Procedural materials that can be used through the house generator’s controls:

1.) Primary House Color

2.) Secondary House Color

3.) Metal material

The materials have two modes: realistic details and plain colors. This can be configured through the controls.


The house properties can be changed in two places. 1.) Select the controllers next to the empty. Go to the "N" panel/Item/Properties or 2.) go to Object properties/Custom properties on the right side.

Change window assets and ground floor assets:

A collection that is turned off by default has additional assets. Example how to use them: 1.) Turn on the assets collection. 2.) To change all ground floor windows into doors/shop windows, select all windows you want to change, then select the desired door asset, press Ctrl+L and link object data.

This can be done with window types or balcony assets too.

This is an example how to change the height of the buildings:

The house generator is based on shape key controllers.

The house asset has the lowest poly count possible while trying to still preserve key features of neoclassical houses mainly seen in Europe. The generator is recommended for stylized scenes, as background houses, big city scenes where low poly count is also important. With the variations it's possible to create at least 5-6 unique houses per scene, they can be easily mixed with other building assets of different styles too. You will have to append the house each time or duplicate collections to re-use them in the same scene.

The usual vertex count is around 25k-120k per house depending on settings, lenght of house, sides etc., It can be lower or higher than this too.

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Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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