Two Images

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Two Images (short: TI) is a simple Add-on that allows you to compare two images on the x or y-axis through a slider.

You can compare images, render slots and the viewer output with each other.

The Add-on works currently with different Color Spaces of the Image Settings (and most of the View Transforms) but only with sRGB in the Display Device Settings of Color Management.

A separate Version for users of ACES (for example: OpenColorIO ACES) has been released. The focus of the ACES Version is to compare Render Slots. Like in the normal Version, when you change the image View Transform, you have to reload it by pressing Comparision or pressing the render button again.




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Current Interface:


After selecting an image in the Image Editor, you can activate the Add-on:

Select an image for comparison:

Change the axis:

Change the Position:

If you have Render Result selected, you can change the slot and compare different Render Slots or Slots with other images:

Change the Color of the Separation Line:

Color Correction and Adjustment:

Partially for Screens Calibration.

Saturation and Value for a fast test of different looks.

Linear for Linear Interpolation of Pixels.

Fast Selector:

Replace the Image with the Render Result or Viewer. The last selected will appear blue even when you change your image selection. You simply have to press it again if want to have for example the Render Result again.

When a Slot is empty:

A warning message if a slot is empty.

Two Versions:

The Add-on has two Versions. One as a separate Category in the UI (TI) with the name (Version Number will change in the future)

The other with the name which is in the image category.

Both are the same, only different categories. (Request from different customers)


Suppose the Viewer (Composition Node) has a different scale (Composition Node: Scale) instead of the original scale of the input render layer. In that case, it will appear smaller or larger in the original space of the Image Editor. If the Viewer Node is empty, Blender's default representation is loaded (invisible image). Simply check if the Viewer Node has an Image before loading it.

This limitation comes from Blender's representation/projection of the Viewer in the Image Editor.

If you update the Viewer, the Viewer Node is selected in the interface of TI. You must press Comparison to deactivate and then activate the comparison or reselect the Viewer Node in the associated area.

If the image appears black, move the position, and it will get reloaded.

If you are a User of ACES, a complete installation is required.

Depending on your distance, the image has a small offset.

Example of this issue:


Version 1.0.1: Release 16.07.2022

You can now compare different Render Slots with each other.

Version 1.0.2: Release 17.07.2022

Bug Fixes and Color Corrections added.

Version 1.0.3: Release 18.07.2022

Bug Fixes, more Color Corrections added and a more precise interpolation (not ideal).

Slot Selector updated. You can easier choose between Slots, and they are dynamically updated to your current Slot number.

Small UI Improvements.

Version 1.0.4: Release 19.07.2022

Added a fast Selector for Render Result and Viewer Node.

Version 1.0.5: Release 20.07.2022

Warning Label added when a slot is empty.

Version 1.0.5 for ACES: Release 21.07.2022

An ACES Version (when you replaced your Color Management Settings/Folder with ACES) was released. Plus another Preset.

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Software Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
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