|Tutorial| Real-Time/Game-Ready Hair Creation

by Konrad Hetko in Training

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  • Oli Gerber
    almost 3 years ago

    in short: if you have no clue, this is definitely worth buying, yet I'd highly recommend to ask the creator to sell it for less than half of the price he wants for it as this is not a course in the quality it should have! The quality of this course is not that great, yet you can get valuable info out of it. 10 bucks for this course would be ok, not more, you can get better content on youtube! It's just neat that he does it all in one course and this gives you a very good overview.

    It's a course that will give you the basics from a-z. You should have some blender knowledge before you start as the course creator is sometimes just flying over stuff that should be explained more in-depth and it's quite annoying. Some stuff could be done better like the way of adding two or three hair cards together as one, that could be improved, yet it's totally ok for the beginning. The structure of the course is also ok. I mean if you suddenly apply a hair material that you haven't set up during the course, one watches all the videos before that again because he thinks he missed something, but you just left that part out (strange for every viewer, thanks for that). The worst part of it is probably that you do not show the export of the plane and cage for use in xnormal (that's really messed up). It was easy to figure out for me, yet others might struggle a lot with it as you provide simply no information to this highly crucial part. this is seriously something that belongs into the tutorial, how can you leave that out! I mean how are the faces of the cage, does the cage need to be one object, or should it be two planes, or should it be just a cube (like a real CAGE used by smoke sim), shall the normals look to the outside back, front, or what? Otherwise it's like the hair material that pops up out of nowhere. You seem to have a magic computer from time to time. You're also going over the xnormal settings FAR TOO FAST, what the heck! Not everyone has used this xNormal app before so why would you speed that part up so much it's hard to keep track of what you do? If I buy such a course ,I do not wanna have to jump back and forth in the video just to get that one damn frame that holds the information I actually need.

    It's throughout the course too often in highspeed mode (which is fine in many cases but certainly not everywhere you used it).

    For the creator of the course I recommend going over the course and fix the issues it has (too much information in high speed, hair material out of nowhere, plane and cage setup for xnormal -> HOW?, xnormal settings not in high speed and better explained!). In short, maybe just give a damn.

    To buyers: If you have no clue how to "hair-card", this course is a starting point, just keep in mind to maybe look for some more resources that might straighten up/correct some stuff in this course, just look out for professionals talking about hair cards (there are some on YT that are VERY PROFESSIONAL!), they will give you the rest of the knowledge you should have ;)

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