|Tutorial| Real-Time/Game-Ready Hair Creation

by Konrad Hetko in Training


Video Tutorials:

1. Reference talk- Short intro and talk about gathering proper references

2. Generating hair particles- I show you how to create hair particles for our texture

3. Baking- We will take our particles and move them to Xnormal in order to bake textures needed for Unreal Engine material setup.

4. Preparing hair cards- Creating different type of hair cards and organizing work.

5. Grooming "Base"- First stage of our grooming process in which we gonna create basic volumes and define a flow of the hair. 

6. Grooming "Details"- Detailing stage in which we are going to create breakups and give our hair some randomness. 

7. Grooming "Flyaways"- The last stage in which we gonna add some single hair strings giving our hair appealing and natural look.

8. Optimization- Here I will show you how to easily optimize your hair mesh.

9. Unreal Engine- In the last video I will show you how to use Unreal Engine's hair material and adjust it to make our hair look fantastic ;).


1. Hair mesh created for this tutorial

2. Textures for Unreal Engine and as an addition for Marmoset Toolbag. 

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