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What versions of After Effects and Blender work with TrackerJack?

After Effects 2021 - 2024.1 has been tested and works with TrackerJack.

Blender 2.83 - 4.0.2 has been tested and works with TrackerJack.

Where can I find the documentation?
Full documentation can be found at

What can I do if TrackerJack exports a blank JSON file?

Make sure to:

  • Update After Effects ( very old versions are not compatible )
  • After Effects language setting must be English.
  • “Allow scripts to write files and access network” must be enabled in After Effects Preferences.
  • Make sure your composition is selected in the After Effects Project panel or the Timeline.
What languages does TrackerJack support?

Currently, After Effects must be set to English for TrackerJack to export a JSON file.

How can I contact you if I have an issue?

You can either contact me visiting my Store Page on Blender Market and clicking the 'Contact Creator' button.

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