The Planets Suite | Fully Procedural Planet Materials

by Lincoln Antonio in Models

How do I import these materials?

Append the materials into an existing file, or use the included .blend file as a base for a new file.

What if I want to use standalone effects from different planet materials?

The file also includes custom nodes for layering clouds, city night light effects (Works best in Eevee), craters, and  atmospheres. 

I moved a bunch of sliders around but I want the default node values back, and clicking "Reset to Default" just sets them to 0!

Delete the custom node and replace it with a new one of the same name. It will automatically have the default node values.

Is it possible to mix entire planet nodes?

Possible? Definitely. Recommended? Probably not, at least not on the the more complex nodes, unless you have a very powerful system. 

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