The Planets Suite | Fully Procedural Planet Materials

by Lincoln Antonio in Models

The Planets (Blender)Suite

A set of powerful material with custom shaders for generating planet surface materials - fully procedural - at whatever max resolution your machine can handle!

Generate unlimited variations of all planets in the solar system, with fully customizable colors, cloud shape/cover, city lights, and much more - no textures required!

New Earth material with 'W' parameter for cloud animation

New Jupiter material with 'W' parameter for cloud animation

Above: Earth style shader, including terrain, oceans, clouds/cloud shadows, and atmospheric effects - one material, one sphere!


  1. Generate, customize and iterate unlimited variations of planets, including: 
    • class M (Earth)
    •  rocky planets (Mercury, Mars) 
    • gas giants (Jupiter)
    • ice giants. (Neptune)
  2. All materials (with the exception of solar flares and planet rings) built on the principle of one material, one sphere, to eliminate the need for clicking through multiple materials for atmosphere, clouds, and terrain.
  3. Nested node groups for modular customization, such as
    • Clouds
    • City Lights
    • Craters
    • Ice Caps
    • Gas Cloud Fluid Effect
    • Gas Planet Bands (for stacking the gas cloud effect)
  4. Demo scene with all 8 planets (and poor Pluto) as well as the sun, moon, and 2 custom planets. Includes basic scene lighting and multiple camera setup. 
  5. 25 Custom shader nodes, including full planet shaders for fast and easy customization and iteration - just plug into the surface input!
  6. All materials optimized for real-time rendering in Eevee engine

1.1 - Added ice caps to Earth, Mars materials, complete overhaul of the earth material, including lakes & rivers, Raleigh scattering, sea level sliders, better terrain noise.
1.2 - Added cloud shadows (with adjustable distance/direction) to the Earth type shader, added edge blurring/transparency for better atmosphere/volumetric planet appearance.

1.3 - Added cloud shadows to secondary clouds in Earth type shader, as well as atmospheric glare settings, and some small edits to the ocean depth/reflectivity.

1.4 - Added W parameters for Earth and Jupiter materials for cloud animations, and complete rework of gas clouds in Jupiter shader.