Blender Terrain Mixer

by Zets in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Nico van der Merwe about 2 months ago

    Makes absolutely gorgeous terrains, even more impressive is how quickly you can make hundreds of different variations and styles... never ending amazement seeing what is produced when you adjust the node settings.

    Taken me some time to experiment and get comfortable with all the controls, glad the baking instructions were included and now that I understand the process it's actually extremely simple.

    Definitely recommended 5/5

  • Darren Hayes 4 months ago

    Like Fang, colormap bake instructions would be appreciated, they are not in the _instructions and are not obvious. Thanks

    • Marko Prpic 4 months ago

      Thanks. But I suggest you check again. There should be a folder named '_HowToBake' and inside of it a screenshot with text that has two sections, and the second one titled 'HOW TO BAKE TERRAIN DIFFUSE COLOR IN CYCLES'. Do you see it?

  • fang 5 months ago

    how can bake to colomap for texture

    • Marko Prpic 5 months ago

      Hey Fang, just follow this path inside the folder that you've downloaded. The instructions are inside.
      Let me know if you need more help.

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