Surface Diagnostics

by Josef Ludvík Böhm in Scripts and Addons

Don't guess when quality's at stake!

SurfAce Diagnostics

Your companion for technical surfacing.
Curvature graph and analytic shaders
just one click away.

Why this exists

To help you achieve next level of quality
of any kind of technical surface with complex curvature.
Automotive, Product Design, Game Assets, ... You name it.

What is inside

- Curvature Graph

        Visualization of curve's and surface's curvature with geometry modifier.
        Control with custom UI (Full version), apply to selected vertices or curve objects with single click.
        Individually control each curvature graph, set the scale, mute the local maximum
        and easily switch between surface and curve types.
        *note: For best experience, turn of GPU Subdivision
        in Menu / Edit / Properties / Viewport / GPU Subdivison - see FAQs for more details

        - Zebra shader

        Procedural environment stripes for reflections check.
        Control direction and shader appearance from Addon UI, superior quality to matcaps.
        Override materials of your model with single click (Full version).

        - Isoangle shader

        Fixed reflection lines based on incoming vector for extra surface control.
        Control line thickness, colour, and incoming vector with custom UI (Full version).

        - Sections shader

        Projection of procedural lines on your model.
        See complex surface's behaviour or compare multiple models with objects' colors.
        When applied, an empty object is spawned at 3D cursor, to control sections transform.
        Set transform, scale, thickness, color and transparency directly with custom UI (Full version).

        - Slice shader

        Slice active object at 3D cursor position with single click
        and t
        ransform slice plane from UI (Full version), or with spawned empty object.
        Great to reveal inside details, to compare multiple objects or to understand complex surfaces.
        Set plane transforms, slicing direction, center line thickness and colors.

        - Assets

        Blender file with all materials and geometry nodes included (All versions).

        How it works

        Key philosophy behind SurfAce Diagnostics is to utilize existing Blender tools as much as possible,
        therefore Diagnostic Shaders and Curvature Graph are standard Blender nodetrees,
        you can use them on their own in vanilla Blender, they play well with asset browser.
        For best efficiency, there is custom scripted UI for single-click workflow,
        which is shipped as complete addon with assets included.
        Diagnostic Shaders are added to your objects using geometry node modifiers, so your existing material set-ups remains untouched.
        Curvature Graphs are added as new mesh objects, with custom geometry nodes modifier.
        * Addon made with amazing 
        Serpens Visual Scripting Addon Creator

        Who is this for

        If you know how to model a car for a game or automotive design studio.
        If you love to design any kind of products and are passionate about surfacing.

        For everyone who loves 3d modeling.
        SurfAce Diagnostics aspire to be among the best in your toolbox.

        Thank you! see you also at the Discord.

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        Published 16 days ago
        Blender Version 3.4, 3.5
        License GPL
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