Create Stylized 3d Art In Blender

by Creative Shrimp in Training

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The video course is divided up into 4 sections. A, B, C and D.

'A' has lots of stylized art principles and techniques, these are mostly standalone lessons and exercises that can be looked at and referenced in any order.

'B' is a step by step creation of a simple isometric scene designed to be watched in order. We made this very beginner friendly to balance out the more intermediate car smash project coming up in the 'D' section.

'C' jumps into the grease pencil side of things. The first parts focus on theory and approach, then we put that to practical use trying out an alternative way of tackling the UFO from section 'B'.

'D' is Manu's car smash still image. There are tons of tips and tricks in here as Manu takes you through his process.

All the videos come with subtitles embedded, however we've also included the subtitle files separately to use should that come in handy for searching and finding a particular section.

Also included are 2GB's worth of blend files. These are organized to reflect the various videos they relate to, some videos have multiple blends to reference. If you'd like to watch a video while inspecting the finished blend file you should be able to do so!

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Stay safe!
Gleb, Aidy & Manu.

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