Create Stylized 3d Art In Blender

by Creative Shrimp in Training

Learn how to create amazing stylized and non-photorealistic 3D art in Blender 2.92.

Non-photorealistic rendering or NPR is a whole world by itself! From Pixar-style or 'Into the Spiderverse'-style rendering to low-poly aesthetics or pixel art, there are so many ways to express yourself by creating stylized 3D assets and scenery. 

No need to spend a lifetime learning the NPR ways though. We condensed the principles and techniques of creating stylized 3D into this 12+ hour training for beginner-intermediate Blender users.


Gleb Alexandrov - Caffeinated 3D Artist @ Creative Shrimp

Aidy Burrows - Amply enthused 3D Artist @ Creative Shrimp

Manu Järvinen - 3D Artist, Animator @ Studio Gearnoodle

What you'll learn

* Principles and techniques of creating stylized 3D scenes (106+ tutorials)

* Limited color palettes, artistic perspective

* Effective NPR pipeline in Blender

* Grease pencil

* Non-photoreal post-pro for Eevee and Cycles renders

* Toon shading (including outlines) in Eevee

* A beginner friendly isometric environment 3D modeling project 

* Car Smash scene 'Making-of'


To have downloaded Blender 2.92 and Krita, no third-party plugins required. 

Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate

Some parts of the course like the step-by-step process of 3D modeling the UFO isometric scene are aimed at complete beginners, some other sections may require a deeper knowledge of the Blender interface and tools. 


All videos have subtitles that have been manually edited for maximum readability.


The project files included! More than 2GB of .blend files for following along the tutorials

All project files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Feel free to use these assets in your projects, even commercial.

The details:

What the artists say?

"Ever wanted to dip your toes into the world of NPR? Look no further; this is one of the best introductions for it yet!" 

Sreliata, Render Artist

 “This course is WILD! The gateway drug into NPR. Remembering my first foray into NPR, this is that. You want to feel how I feel years ago, this is your chance. The once in a life time experience.”

Light BWK, @Lightbwk, co-founder of

"This course not only teaches one specific set of skills, but touches on the concept, modeling, texturing, shading, compositing, grease pencil, even shows you how to use blenders python API as an artist and more. I highly recommend this course."

Zuggamasta / Alexander Mitzkus 

"Filled with concepts about stylization I'd never heard of before and ideas about how I can incorporate these new techniques into my workflow. I was left feeling very inspired! Everything is broken down in a way that's approachable and friendly."

Sophie Jantak, Creature Illustrator 

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Blender Version 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
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