Studio Scene Kit Lite

by Kilvio Lluberes in Render Setups

Studio Scene Kit Light Documentation

Unzipping - I have zipped thsi kit into the .7z format, this is to make the files a small as possible. To unzip this kit, simply download 7zip on if you are on Windows or Linux. If you are on a mac, the app store is full of unarchiving apps, but I recommend Keka at

Installation - Studio Scene Kit Light was created to give you fast high quality lighting on a budget. SSKL is very easy to use; simply open your desired scene, delete the default torus knot, import your own 3D asset, and RENDER!
Custom Scene Setups - I have personally picked 10+ high quality lighting setups from the bigger Studio Scene Kit PRO, allowing artists to achieve high quality lighting on a budget. The beauty of this pack, is that each scene is completely customize-able. So you have have some extra time to spend on lighting, I encourage you to tweak each setting to get the perfect lighting for your scene.
Note: I recommend reading the INCLUDED documentation for a full rundown of this kit.