Studio Scene Kit Lite

by Kilvio Lluberes in Render Setups

Studio Scene Kit Lite

From the creator of the popular Studio Scene Kit PRO comes a more budget-friendly version for artists who want beautiful lighting but don’t need all the options and variety included in the PRO package.  


What is Studio Scene Kit Lite? Designed to give you a selection of ready-made, high quality lighting scenes, Studio Scene Kit LITE is an incredibly efficient tool, making beautiful lighting for your models is only a few clicks away. Simply choose from a library of unique lighting scenes and apply it to your scene. Done! The Lite version includes 10+ high quality lighting scene setups, 7 assets models and documentation.  


Who is it for? Great lighting is essential for every artist. Those who prefer more control over lighting settings and a bigger variety of scene setups will opt for the PRO version, while LITE is perfect for artists who want to use the most common lighting setups, applicable to any product visualization or studio setup and guaranteed to make your renders look amazing every time - in no time.  


How does it work? The process is incredibly simple and quick. Try the available lighting settings from the Studio Scene Kit LITE library and see how they look when applied to your scene. Once you have found the one you like best, apply it and enjoy seeing your render in the best light!  


Benefits of using Studio Scene Kit LITE

    • Never again worry about poor light ruining the final look of your render
    • Focus on modeling and let Studio Scene Kit LITE do the lighting work for you
    • Achieve professional results with a few clicks
    • Save time and work more efficiently
    • Perfect for product visualization


  • Includes two beautiful bonus scenes

This is amazingly helpful! I sell models professionally, so I always need to create numerous preview images. However, lighting and render setups have never been fun for me. I needed something that I could just drop in and use with no hassles. This kit has been amazing in letting me do that, and the price is extremely fair. Can’t recommend this enough. Chris Kuhn, professional modeler and CG Cookie tutorial author


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