Steam Engine 52 Series

by HaJotCe Models in Models

This Blender model resembles a German 52 series steam engine locomotive, which has been built in 1943. The original locomotive is on display in Leipzig Central Station.

The model contains about 1.7 million faces and is fully textured. It is static and can be used for railway scenes of epoch III and later (for non-railway model makers: 1945 and later). The basis for modeling has been a drawing of parts of the carriage and another drawing of the fuselage. Additionally, I used a number of photographs, which I have taken in May 2016. 

The model should be fairly accurate, but as I did not have any drawings of this particular engine and all engines show differences, it is not perfect. I eventually added a large control rod, which is missing in the engine in Leipzig but is required for operation.

The steam engine model renders in about 6 minutes on my nvidia 1080 graphics adapter. Peak memory is about 4 GB. It contains about 1.7 million faces. 

The model is structured on five layers:

Layer 1 contains the carriage (aka "the red parts").

Layer 2 contains the fuselage of the locomotive.

Layer 3 contains the fuselage of the tender.

Layer 4 contains cross sections of wires and pipes.

Layer 11 contains the studio (background, lights, etc.)

Empties are used to structure the model. All objects are consistently named. Objects unrelated to the locomotive (like ground, lights, etc.) have names starting with "_". 

There are cameras included (named "Camera...") for any of the images presented. 

In order to use the model, simply append all objects not starting with "_" and not "Camera".

Can I animate the locomotive?

Currently, the steam engine locomotive is a static model without rigging. I could not find out yet, how the bars actually move. 

I have the plan to add a rig but I want to make this dependent on demand and on a video of enough detail to reduce guesswork.

How can I place the model in my scene?

Fastest way:

  • Append everything into your scene in a separate layer.
  • Select everything in that layer.
  • Move it.

Elegant way:

  • Like above, append everything in a separate layer.
  • Shift-S to set the cursor to selected.
  • Add an empty for the locomotive.
  • Parent all other empties to this new one.
  • Move the locomotive by moving the new empty.

I have not created this additonal empty in order not to overstructure the file.

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