by Benjamin Morrison in Scripts and Addons

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  • foxgatenesc 4 months ago

    Thanks and thanks to this add-on creator.
    We have created a scene that uses this add-on feature, and we have time to confirm the feature, so we will evaluate it.
    We think it was really good to get it first! This will help not only the game but also animation creation.
    Authors are quick to respond to script errors and questions. It is also a great add-on for the future updates, which makes it fun to use as a whole.
    How to use is very easy to understand. Everything is a button or a menu.
    This is useful because you do not have to use command input or pop-up palettes that are not used.
    You can check the sprite sheet with the modifier uv warp or hit the keyframe of the camera and check it with the rendering tab?
    (No misunderstanding. We know uv warp is a good modifier to switch uv. We think it is a fun feature too. I just think that there are such usages that may be used to check the sprite sheet depending on usage. =) )
    This add-on is a fun add-on as well as eliminating such an effort. We are very happy to get this.
    We are sorry for the long sentence. In the short, we find it fun to use this add-on.

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