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  • Rodrigo Alonzo 9 days ago

    Support if you have any issues is pretty poor, requiring you to go to their discord, being told you need to validate through email, fishing out your receipt, taking a snapshot of that, sending that kind of private document plus your user name, and then being able to see the hidden support channels. In the process of doing all that I fixed the issue I was having my damn self. The dev was aware of the issue and acted coy like I stole the addon or something, which is always a great feeling as a paying customer (stated he was unaware of the issue and that everything was fine, but then that he was fully aware of the issue once I validated). Also your "documentation" which is just an old video is currently broken, why can't you just have a regular text file like any other addon?
    Please just have regular customer support without invasion of privacy attached to it, don't jerk people around when they ask for help and please have a regular documentation link. As it is is unacceptable for a paid product.

  • Christopher 17 days ago

    Awesome tool! Really easy and fast to create base meshes to sculpt on :)
    And more :D

  • serebrina.obreja about 1 month ago

    great add on

  • Igor Costa de Faria 3 months ago

    Incredible Addon! It is so good that it could be an integral part of the blender, that is, it could already come with the blender. : D

  • Steffen 6 months ago

    This is a completely unique add-on that does A LOT to ease the pre-sculpting process. Whoever has problems opening their ears might just be f-ing racist because if you give 1 star and dont even talk about the product you are either a complete moron(as the thing is really, really easy to use) or a racist, or incredibly lazy. Probably all three. Or go use Maya where you will pay an arm and leg and still dont have access to such a amazing community hellbent on filling every conceivable gap in blenders toolbox. Get a life you idiots

  • Oscar pedro Gil Boal 9 months ago

    I'm very sorry but I don' understand the video because your English accent is hard to understand for me, plus the video doesn't play, the subtitles are in French and I don't speak French, so please as long as I'm a registered user may you add subtitles in English

  • clifford sayer 11 months ago

    this is an excellent addon especially for figurative modelling, also great for skinning models to skeletons, I've been using this for a couple of months now since I basically started using blender and its helped enormously with figure animations, ive got quite a lot of addons now and I think this is in my top 3 for figure work, thank you

    • pitiwazou 11 months ago

      Thank you ;)
      New version is coming soon!

  • Zach over 1 year ago

    Very useful add-on despite some learning curve. If you have issues you have to go on a private discord, so you will want to contact the creator to add you. He is very responsive and will help you in a relatively short time.

  • yves about 2 years ago

    Very intuitive, very good addon

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