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  • 8l3nd3r 3 months ago

    Not worth the money! If you’re searching for a blender helper addon, check Hardops. Speedflow dev is to busy with his own projects and doesn’t take the time to fix bugs

  • Cam 7 months ago

    Very good addon ! nice work !

  • Steffen 7 months ago

    Pitiwazou understands that the most important thing to model is to be able to leave your eyes as focused on the object(s) as possible. It is important to note that THERE ARE OPTIONS to this addon(available in the same window as the one you used to install the addon) this is not the standard and VERY COOL! You CAN customize.
    It works and is pretty obvious to use. Yes if you are using a 10 inch display. There might be a problem(talking to you laptop users). Giving this item a one star rating is so above and beyond my understanding of common sense...3d modeling is not an automated process and blender is not like maya or max. So for all of those looking to be able to pick their nose and/or scratch their balls while working on their big breasted hello kitty models.....there is a great application called "Windows 10 3d builder". GO FOR IT!!!!

  • tcwik 9 months ago

    GREAT! especially 'companion' is very useful.

  • Copticrain 9 months ago

    I don't understand well the negative opinions below.
    After a month of use, the only thing I can say is that this addon is perfect, very configurable and very well thought out.
    Thanks a lot for that.

  • nkovac about 1 year ago

    I am sorry that I have to give such a bad review, but the developers of this addon do not seem to understand the concept of "first-time user experience".
    There is no installation guide - I was unlucky that my installation did not work, so after losing some time trying to figure out my error and contacted the developer, had to freshly reinstall blender (lose my prefs, and other installed addons) and installation did not work again, so I unzipped the addon and installed it manually now it works contrary to developers pleads.
    To quote the developer himself: "if (those) addons need to be unzipped, that mean, they are bad" I am simply not willing to make a portable version of Blender for the third try to make it work.
    Once I got it to work, I needed developer's help to get started, as I haven't noticed that the manual is atypically integrated into blender's UI in the form of additional tabs in. Needless to say this documentation is unsearchable. This document does not include the information on how to call the addon, this information is in the linked YT video's description as the video itself is deprecated in that regard.
    Documentation is a mix of text and a lot of YT videos, many of which are around 30 or more minutes long in heavy french accent that is sometimes hard to understand. That adds up to hours of often slow tutorials where the developer sometimes explains why something does not work yet. It takes less to go through Blender Fundamentals series.
    I am still to find out how to make the HUD texts smaller as they are too obtrusive and often overlayed over the center of the viewport. I don't think that I have the time to go through all this unsearchable documentation risking not to find any info on that.
    All in all this addon seems it should not have such a steep learning curve as it has now with its clumsy first time UX design. (the clumsiest I've seen so far)
    The developer did not, however, forgot to link all his other stores and paid content, everywhere.
    Such a shame, this could be such a great addon with a little bit of polish and streamlining, now it is unusable for me.

  • Firat about 1 year ago

    I am sorry but I need to make this review.
    After using nearly 1 weeks, I am writing.
    I am also using other Cutter, Boolean tools also but this is very lagging and Not fluent. I completely agree to JonB, as it had very weird keyboard combinations, as for making arrays I need to push lots of buttons, or for beveling. It needs to be more, more smooth. Sometimes clicking makes apply sometimes clicking is cancelling. All procedure needs to be more simple.

    Also when I try to work with youtube videos, they are heavily french accented and it makes very difficult to understand. Why just don't using free voice/text interpreters? Also we make explanatory videos and using it like that for clean English pronounce.. Please make it. Make short and clean English videos. In the youtube channel lots of videos are longer than it should. For instance making speedflow holes in 30 minutes. It is not "speedy flow.."
    I wish I had a chance to refund for it. I wouldn't hesitate once.

  • Carl Erik Tengesdal over 1 year ago

    Solid performance. Really good addon. :)

  • G. Nakai almost 2 years ago

    I don't know about what other said, but combining this with HardOps it felt like I dont need another tool to slice/array/bool stuffs again for a decade.
    Although the change of the 2.8 version made me relearn my muscle memory again but still a nice tool set for tackling some slow method faster.

  • JonB about 2 years ago

    Not a fan of the interactivity with the toolset, cluttered huds and weird hotkey combos, i prefer HardOps much more over this one. Seems well received by other people so its probably a preference thing.

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