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Speedflow is a group of 9 modals who allows you to improve dramatically your workflow for modeling ! With the addon, you can manage modifiers directly in the 3D view as simple and fast as possible. Select an object, launch a modal and add multiple modifiers on the fly, launch another modal, add others modifiers and make your modeling faster than if you had to create modifiers by yourself.  

What is a modal ?

A modal is a mode where you can performs multiple actions. In speedflow we created 9 modals and in each modal you can make differents things like create a modifier, change settings of this modifier, add subdivisions, move cursor etc. Blender use modals for the Knife, the Bevel etc, this is really powerful and we made 9 really powerful modals who help you to speedup your workflow on blender. See the documentation and Speedflow home page for more informations. http://www.pitiwazou.com/speedflow/   Let's see what each modal can do ;)    

- Array -

With the Array modal you can manage multiple Array Modifiers directly in the modal !   

You can :

  • Change the direction of the Array
  • Add/Remove multiples Arrays
  • Create Arrays on Curves
  • Create cables easily with Start and End Caps
  • Change the object on the curve
  • Etc.


- Booleans -

With the Boolean modal you can add multiple Boolean Modifiers to your selection !  

 You can :

  • Change the operation of the boolean, Intersection, Difference, Union
  • Add/Remove booleans
  • Make a Rebool (inverse boolean)
  • Switch between booleans with a feedback
  • You have an auto update if you have a Bevel modifier
  • Etc.

- Bevel -

With the Bevel modal, you can add Bevel modifiers on you selection. This modal allows you to work on two modes, subdiv and Nosubdiv.   

You can :

  • Add a Bevel on multiple objects
  • Works with Subdiv and Nosubdiv assets
  • Each mode is parametrable in the preferences
  • The Bevel is updated by the booleans depending of the mode (Subdiv/Nosubdiv)
  • Etc.



- Tubify -

With the Tubify modal you can create cables in one click !   

You can :

  • Create a cable from a curve or a mesh with only edges
  • Change the Depth, Resolutions U & V
  • Convert the cable in polygon
  • Use profiles
  • Change profiles in the modal
  • Etc.


- Symmetrize -

With the Symmetrize modal you can create symmetrize on multiple axis and objects !  

 You can :

  • Create symmetrize and choose the axis
  • Change the axis and choose the direction of the symmetrize
  • Combine axis
  • Change the default axis in the preferences
  • Etc.


- Mirror -

With the Mirror modal you can create mirrors on your selection and add multiple mirror modifiers !   
You can :
  • Create a mirror and combine axis (X, Y and Z)
  • Create a mirror with an object as reference
  • Keep the transforms of the object
  • Change the default axis in the preferences (+X or -X)
  • Etc.

- Rotate -

With the Rotate modal you can rotates with increments !   
You can :
  • Rotate with increments, 45°, 10° and
  • Rotate in global and Local
  • Change the Pivot for the rotate
  • Snap the pivot directly in the modal
  • Etc.

- Solidify -

With the Solidify modal you can add Solidify on your selection !   
You can :
  • Add a Solidify on multiple objects
  • Change the settings, Offset, Even Offset, Fill Rim etc
  • Add Bevel and subsurf directly in the modal
  • Etc.

- Subsurf -

With the Subsurf modal you can add a subsurf modifier on your selection !  
 You can :
  • Add a Subsurf on multiple objects
  • Remove the subsurf on multiple objects too, to clean your scene of Subsurf modifiers
  • Change settings, Opensubiv, Optimal display
  • Etc.


- Fully customisable -


  The Addon allows you to add custom settings to fit your workflow. You can choose with type of menu you want to use.  
  • Pie menu
  • Normal menu
  • Tab

  You can choose between pen or mouse to work with. You can change settings from modals directly in the preferences.  
  • Choose type of bevel (subdiv or nor subdiv) and change settings
  • Tubify options
  • Array settings (Relative or constant)
  • Symmetrize axis (+X or -X) depending on which side you work
  • Boolean settings
  • Rotate axis
  You can also customise the text in the 3D view  
  • Choose the color and the size
  • Change the position
  • Activate shadows
  • etc.

- Speedflow companion -

With Speedflow you can use Speedflow companion, a second addon really useful to manage your modelings.   

You can :
  • Create primitives for fast booleans
  • Manage Sharps (Bevel weight, Crease Sharp)
  • Relax wire, clean faces, select Ngons
  • Works with curves
  • Etc

- Asset Management, Carver, Hardops, Box cutter compatible -

Speedflow is fully compatible with Asset Management, Carver, Hardops and Box Cutter !   You can :
  • Use Asset Management to store your models, inserts, booleans objects etc.
  • Use carver to create booleans, the bevel will be updated depending of the mode (Subdiv/Nosubdiv)
  • Use Hardops and Speedflow together
  • Use Box Cutter to make fast Booleans
  • Add your assets to the Asset Management addon
  • Etc

- Documentation -

You can read the documentation for more informations !  


To talk about this Addon, you can go on the BlenderArtist Page.


 To ask support, use the support forum on this site.

You can read the documentation for more informations !



To talk about this Addon, you can go on the BlenderArtist Page.


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