Simply Cloth Pro

by VjaceslavT in Scripts and Addons

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  • Alejandro de la Cruz 8 days ago

    Incredible add-on! simple to use, very powerful. A time saver. Even if you are a beginner this a "must have"!

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 8 days ago

      Thank you Alejandro!
      Great you see the time saving function of this addon hehe :) Hope you have much fun with my addon! All the best and thanks for the great rating :)

      All the best

      Vjaceslav Tissen

  • David 23 days ago

    This is exactly the tool I was looking for, something that really saves me time when working with clothes and also includes some visual helps to work with. The included cloth preset models are also very helpful, glad I found this add-on and thanks to the developer for offering it for a reasonable price :)

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 23 days ago

      Hello David! Thank you very much for your rating! Im happy you like it and it save you some time :) Also thank you for understanding my pricing.
      If you need help, feel free to contact me here or over discord like in written in description of the addon.

  • Randy Quaiscer 24 days ago

    Helping me make specific, proper Romanian and 6th army and 4th Panzer army uniforms, along with specific uniforms for the soviet side like Rodimtsev's Guardsmen and the Siberian named unofficially as Tomsk. They were a group the Germans were genuinely afraid of. This is for a project that opens with Stalingrad for story reasons. I was struggling before, and it's pretty easy now.

    So that's good, and the discount code is super nice and I wouldn't of been able to afford it without it. I'm just a history nerd so I want the the proper uniforms worn as I tell the story from both sides objectively.

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 24 days ago

      Hi Randy Thank you for the rating! Im happy you like it and it saves you some time and testing. Hope to see some of your work if you are done :)

  • Mark Willner 25 days ago

    This is not only a first rate addon, the vendor is also very responsive. I highly recommend this app. I'm going to try to use it as much as I can over Marvelous Designer because it resides inside Blender.

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 24 days ago

      Thank you Mark for rating my addon! Im happy you like it to use the blender workflow for cloth with my addon :)

  • srdjan pavlovic about 1 month ago

    This addon is more then excellent - and I highly recommend it to every Blender user. It will solve so many problems with using cloth in Blender, and open so many new design possibilities in your work. Also I would like to add that I was more then pleasantly surprised with willingness of author to spend his time on answering questions and sharing tips and workflow.

    • Vjaceslav Tissen about 1 month ago

      Thank you very much for the rating. I'm happy you like the support and my addon.
      All the best

      Vjaceslav Tissen

  • Henry Keller about 2 months ago

    I cannot over state how amazing this addon is! At first, I thought "Why would I need that; I can do all of that manually".... I was wrong.
    I haven't seen any documentation that shows all the stuff it does in the background, but that is what makes this plugin so great. I spent HOURS trying to get my coat to look halfway decent, but when I used this plugin, I got results that were WAY better in a matter of minutes.
    If you are doing anything with cloth, I HIGHLY recommend this plugin.

    • Vjaceslav Tissen about 2 months ago

      Wow! Thanks for the great review! I am glad that the addon helps you so much and saves your time! This was very important to me during the development!
      Thanks Henry for the rating!

  • Indra Aries Pamungkas about 2 months ago

    Thank you for creating this add-on, its Great Add-on !!!

    • Vjaceslav Tissen about 2 months ago

      Hello Indra!

      Thank you for the rating! Im glad you like it!

  • Dave Gray 2 months ago

    This is really great, Vjaceslav! I can see that a lot of effort and care has gone into it. Looking forward to using this a lot for many different things. Thank you! :-)

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 2 months ago

      Hello Dave! Thank you for the rating! Im happy you like it like others :)

  • Shawn R. 2 months ago

    This addon makes dealing with cloth so much easier. Developer is quick to respond and is open to suggestions and take requests on how to apply the cloth addon in a specific manner.

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 2 months ago

      thank you Shawn! Im glad you are happy with the addon and me hehe :)

  • Christopher 2 months ago

    Simply awesome!

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 2 months ago

      Thank you Christopher! Im happy you like it!

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