Simply Cloth Pro

by VjaceslavT in Scripts and Addons

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  • justin pham 9 days ago

    i recommend this if you were debating between this and cloth in motion and cloth weaver, 1. this comes with cloth like simulation, cloth weaver doesnt, 2. clothes in motion in my pack did not come with preset clothes, simply cloth pro did. 3. if you put on the cloth and it starts to look weird/messy in the beginning just let it play out longer and it'll get better. NOTE to creator when is the next update and will it include more types of clothes i kinda want to see a hoodie or jacket with hood preset?

  • Arturas 18 days ago

    Great addon for sure! After an hour of learning I can make rly nice stuff. I could never make clothes with Blender before. Ty!

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 16 days ago

      Thank you Arturas! Im glad you like it and it helped you make cloth in Blender! Thanks for the rating! All the best!

      Vjaceslav Tissen

  • Wolfgang Tell 26 days ago

    A great product that really simplifies making clothe items in Blender. Thanks for this Add-on

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 26 days ago

      Thank you Wolfgang for your rating! Im happy it helped you and you like it!

  • Jacob about 1 month ago

    One of the best addons on the page. If you even think about doing animation or simple scene with cloth material, not only clothes itself, you need to buy this one. It's easy to use AND with templates, you don't need to force yourself doing your own models. It is worth every cent

    • Vjaceslav Tissen about 1 month ago

      Hi Jacob! Thank you for the great rating! Im glad you like it and understand the need of it. Hope you will have much fun with my addon!
      All the best!

  • HGH about 2 months ago

    This addon is the single reason I'm converting to using Blender after 20+ years with other software. Very easy to use with great results. Helpful community, and developer is active on discord (took 30 seconds for him to answer).

    • Vjaceslav Tissen about 2 months ago

      Thank you very much for your rating. I'm happy you like it. I wish you much fun with the addon.
      All the best

  • danielalois about 2 months ago

    Very nice addon, easy to use but with a lot of option. Some of you will smile, but I have used Marvelous designer to do some cloth into Blender but with this addon, we have a lot of option to do something very similar. Bravo and an additional point answer to request are quick and profesional... Merci I hightly recommand this addon for creation cloth and animation

    • Vjaceslav Tissen about 2 months ago

      Thank you Daniel! Im glad you like it! Have fun with it if you are using it. All the best!

  • william oyler 2 months ago

    this addon is the reason i'm doing more with cloth sim, thank you so much for a fantastic product!

    • Vjaceslav Tissen about 2 months ago

      Thank you William! Hope you have much fun with my addon! All the best!

  • sonicchuck 2 months ago

    Wow. Amazing addon. I've been trying to make use of Marvelous Designer lately, but it's been a bit of a pain for the type of clothing I need to create. This addon has been absolutely perfect for me. Easy to use, I can stay in Blender, and it gives me a nice quad mesh when I'm done. Perfect. Thank you!

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 2 months ago

      Wow thank you! I'm glad you like my addon that much. Hope you will have fun with it.
      All the best

      Vjaceslav Tissen

  • Jeff 2 months ago

    Great add on, active creator willing to help and make improvements. Happy with the buy.

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 2 months ago

      Thank you Jeff for the great rating! Im happy you like it!

  • Eugene 2 months ago

    Very useful timesaving addon and great gentle dev, who responds fast and properly.

    • Vjaceslav Tissen 2 months ago

      Hi Eugene, Thank you you understand the timesaving of this addon! It was one of the main reasons I developed this addon! Thanks!

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