Simply Cloth Pro

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Simply Cloth Pro

the must-have tool for expediting cloth-related tasks in Blender. Whether you're an experienced user or just starting out, this addon is designed to streamline and simplify the setup procedure, ensuring a quicker and more user-friendly workflow. Simply select from our presets and customize them effortlessly – no extensive knowledge of Cloth physics settings required.

Designed to expedite workflow rather than the simulation itself, this addon is a valuable tool for quickly setting up and testing cloth objects in Blender. While a basic understanding of Blender is recommended, Simply Cloth Pro ensures a smoother, more efficient experience for users at every skill level."

Fully in depth workflow walkthrough - Video Tutorial

Option: With 200 Cut & Sew Patterns included with Cut& Sewing Patterns Asset Library 

orMore Simply Cloth Pro videos:Simply Cloth Pro - Channel

How to install Simply Cloth Pro

 (Thanks to Wolfgang Tell)

How to work with Simply Cloth Pro

More videos: Simply Slawa Channel


The main feature is the simplification of the many parameters to basic few summarized, such as:

From these parameters you can achieve exactly the desired effects.

Bake to Keyframe:

  • Bake the cloth simulation to Keyframe to get the animation as keyframe animation.

Pin Layer System:

  • Allows you to create pin layers and control them in real time. Create many Pin Layers and pin or release them with an slider for each layer individually.

Draw Cloth Sets | Extract Face Sets:

  • Easy draw on your character and extract the drawing as cloth object and adjust it with Cloth Enhancement.

Attach to Cloth:

  • Select an other object which should attach (like pocket) to cloth object

Skin Tight | Skin Tight from Selection:

  • Allows you to directly assign a selection in Edit Mode as a tight-fitting object. Very good for tight clothing such as swimsuits, underpants etc.  The whole thing also works from the Cloth Sets function. You draw the desired area on the character or any object and select the marker and get a garment directly without modeling!

Optim Cloth:

  • A duplication is created here and attached to the simulation object so that it receives the simulation data but is not calculated itself. You can make the object high-resolution and add many details without affecting the speed of the simulation. You therefore have a basic resolution object and a high resolution object. This Optim Cloth helps to maintain the Cloth performance of the basic resolution object and applies the information to the high resolution object.

Cloth Enhancements (Geometry Nodes)

  • with which you can add extra details to the garment or cloth object. During the simulation or afterwards. Mesh will not be edited by this feature. You  can easy turn on/ off the additional adjustments.

Sculpt Brush Presets:

  • Easy access to cloth sculpt brushes in Blender with nice selection

Bend Selection:

  • Bend specific parts of your cloth object in edit mode, so you have better control for belts or arms which should be bended around the character.

Triangulate Selection | Rotate Face:

  • add more details trough triangulated topology on selected parts or full object in edit mode

Selection to Cloth:

  • select some faces in edit mode and get directly pressured cloth object from selection with one click.


  • -Sewing Help
    • count how many selection needs to get clean sewing

  • -Auto Sewing (wip)
    • after finishing cloth just hit this button, it will auto close the sewings directly on easy objects. If you have multiple sewings crossing this could cause mesh issues.

  • -Cut and Sew Edges (wip)
    • Edge selection in edit mode it will cut this part and sew it directly with one click

Fast Edit:

  • Rotate Faces, Select Mesh Bounds, Select Sewings

Wind Fx:

  • add fast wind effect to the cloth.

Full commercial licensing 

permits the utilization of the addon across a maximum of five seats within each industry sector. Tailored for game or movie studios requiring a license for addon implementation, this variant offers unrestricted distribution within the company. It allows comprehensive utilization of the addon, including all associated assets, in any commercial product.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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