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Shot Playback Sequence doesn't go to the next shot

This is mostly likely cause by low playback framerate, try changing playback to 'Play Every Frame' in the timeline.

Where can I report bugs?

Simply send me a message on Blender market or email [email protected] with supporting information such as  blender version, addon version, OS, and screen shots.

Mouse Click issue when using the Shot Edit Tool. (Overlay)

When using Blender versions prior to 3.2 , some keymaps encounter sticky clicking issues. This is dues to an older input event called Tweak, overlapping with the functionality. One way to resolve this is to update your keymap by changing  them over to mouse inputs.  It's only neccessary to change ones that use the 3D View context, and use Left ,Right or Middle inputs. Usually Left is the biggest culprit. You can find these keymappings by searching for EVT_TWEAK_L 'EVT_TWEAK_M or EVT_TWEAK_R in search bar with the 'Key-Binding' option.

SystemError: GPU functions for drawing are not available in background mode

This is caused when when one of the addons installed uses the gpu drawing module but isn't designed correctly to avoid being imported when Blender is a background process. Do you have any addons installed that appear to use custom drawing? Such as ui overlays in the 3d view.

If your render log includes  "Traceback (most recent call last): " it will will mostl likely point to the addon and line causing the issue. If this affects the render, It is likely because the Blender version is older than 2019 and shoud be updated (2.93 LTS included).


This is a nasty one as it doesn't provide useful debug information and results in a crash. In Shot Manager this is known to happen using custom nodes such as SM render nodes , in combination with enabling and disbaling the addon. In other case it is known to occur in parts of Eevee and may be an opengl graphics related issue. Sometimes there may be an add-on installed that is causing a crash when blender is run in background mode. Its a good idea to try disabling addon that aren't needed for rendering (this will be made default in 0.7.5) The best option is run Blender in debug mode and report it to Blender developers. how to get a debug txt:   report a bug:

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'keymaps'

This is a common error when registering addons using custom hotkeys. This will likely not cause any render issues.

what version of B-Renderon is supported?

B-Renderon integration requires 3.1+

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