Shot Manager

by Other Realms in Scripts and Addons

Shot Manager is designed to speed up render management and shot design by saving frame ranges, render cameras, view layers and output paths. Also perfect for splitting up a single timeline animation for game animation and multi-cam rendering setups.

Originally developed for a specific project and has been further developed to cover a range of render tasks for ease of mind and improve render management on complex projects. It makes it easier to organise shots without needing to save out separate .blend files. Great for both mid to large sized productions. Create shots and keep all the cameras, and assets in one file or use 'shots' to separate complex render set-ups and automate render paths. Configurations are saved into you Blender file.

Suitable workflows:

  • 'Primary' View layers only. Automatically switch active view layers. -Visualisation
  • No Primary Layers, for working with a shared non-renderable preview/edit layer. -Film, Animatics
  • Overlapping shots for use and complex render layers or multi-cam. -Film, other
  • Non-overlapping animations. -Games

Important: some features have not been tested on Mac OS.

Shot Manager is continuously being maintained.

v0.7 Supports Blender 2.90-2.93

v0.64 supports Blender 2.80-2.93

Create 'shots' each with its own: 

  • Frame range
  • View layer states
  • Render camera
  • Render Engine(supports custom) and render samples(built-in only)
  • Background transparency 
  • Primary View Layer
  • Output path
  • Custom resolution per shot, regardless of camera.
  • Bloom (Eevee)
  • World override
  • Material overrides, per collection, per shot

  • Either set frame ranges manually or link start/end points to markers
  • Single frame mode
  • Output filepath generation
  • Batch Rendering. Render shots from within the current file or in an external file
  • Batch output of shots as formats including fbx, obj, abc, dae, blend as well as .bat(Windows) files for cmd line rendering. The custom fbx exporter allows for layered embedding of sequences for game engines.


  • Pandora integration for distributed rendering (Windows)
  • B-Renderon integration for external rendering.(2.1+)


  • 4 new compositor nodes, Shotlist (for oversight of shots), Path Constructor (create your own node based file-path) and Collections Inspector (an alternative interface for collections making it easier to keep track of holdout, indirect and render states), Output Viewer(displays output files and provides the option to reveal output paths in your explorer or view in the image editor.
  • Shot list node includes; auto-generation of outputs for view layers and/or individual passes (you can filter by name) or an option to alternatively have it update paths in your own non-generated outputs.
  • 'Multi Switch' node group, re-directs the compositor node-flow depending on the active shot.


  • Ui Overlay
  • Sequence playback and scrubbing modes
  • Custom Presets
  • Import and exports shot data to Json
  • UI designed specifically for ease of mind when setting up renders
  • Can be used with E-Cycles