Sculpt Toolkit - Mesh Processing For Sculptors!

by Flow Tools in Scripts and Addons

What it is?

This addon for Bender (2.79) that provides a set of tools to improve the sculptor's workflow.

Click here to view how to install the addon.

Drawing options:

"Grid Floor" same as on the 3D view properties panel.

"Lens" the filed of view of the view port;

"Toggle Wire" enables/disables wireframe display on selected object.

"Random Colors" randomly change the color for every selected object.

"Clear Colorrevert the color ramdomization from "Ramdom Colors"

Boolean Tools:

You must just select more than two or more mesh objects and click on Add, Sub, or Intersect buttons.

You have extra options of drawing cuts with the various slash options.

"Cut Thickness" is the distance between saparated objects.

"Cut Distance" is the distance the cut travels trough the objects from the 3D cursor.

"Draw Slash" cuts the active object in freehand mode.

"Line Slash"  cuts the active object in a straight line.

"Polygon Slash" allow for precise cuts using the polygon stroke.

"Mesh cutter Slash"  cuts the selected meshes using the active object as knife.

Also, accessible on object mode though Alt + W shortcut.

Sculpt Mask Tools:

** Those tools only work on Sculpt Mode! ** 

"Extract Mask" duplicate the masked surface and solidfy it, (usefull for hair, clothing, layered parts).

"Mask Split" separate masked from unmasked parts of a mesh to different objects and close all holes.

"Add Mask Deform" add a manipulation rig to the unmasked parts (usefull for posing sculptures).

"Remove Mask" applies the rig and remove it from the mesh.

"Mask Decimate" as the name suggests, only decimate the unmasked parts of a model.


"Mask Decimate" reduce the mesh complexity, of only the unmasked parts of your mesh.

"Simple Remesh" does the same as "Advanced Remesh" but only takes in account the octree depth (Single click tool).

"Advanced Remesh" creates a quad dominant mesh from other solids, good for generating base meshes.

Shortcut: Alt + W

Envelope Builder:

"Add Envelope Human" creates a basic human model out of bones.

"Add Envelope Armature" creates a basic armature so you can create a base from scratch.

"Convert Armature To Mesh" creates a mesh out of the armature previously generated, perfect for fast basemeshes.

Shortcut: Alt + W

**Use Alt + S to scale the joints**

Solid Lights:

It is a panel where you can setup, well, the solid lights of your 3D view, And also save and load previously created light setups as presets.

This doesn't have shortcuts yet.