Roof Tiles Generator 1.0

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Roof Tiles Generator is a Geometry Node that generates roof tiles on the roof surface. Simply create a mesh of your roof and add a RoofTilesGenerator Geometry Nodes modifier.

There are two types of Roof Tiles Generator:

  • Roof Tiles Generator - Flat Rectangle
  • Roof Tiles Generator - Custom Tile

Roof Tiles Generator - Flat Rectangle Geometry Node generates flat rectangular tiles and allows to control their properties (tile size, bevel, grout, overlay and other).

Roof Tiles Generator - Custom Tile Geometry Node allows to use a custom tile mesh and distribute it onto the roof surface. You can create your own tile and use it in Roof Tiles Generator. There are some main requirements to the tile mesh for Roof Tiles Generator to work properly. Check them out in the FAQ.

Full Version of this product contains Roof Tiles Presets and Materials in the Asset Library. The amount of presets and materials will grow in next updates.

There are two options of materials for Roof Tiles Generator:

  1. MultiTexture
  2. Seamless texture

MultiTexture Node allows to use a separate texture for every tile generated. Simply add your textures to Shader Editor and connect to the inputs of the MultiTexture Node. It supports up to 16 textures. Important: use the output of the MultiTexture Node that corresponds to the quantity of the textures you connect to inputs. MultiTexture Node is also possible to use with just RGB color input. In combination with Procedural Maps you can create fully procedural materials that don't need any image textures.

Seamless texture - this material uses just one seamless texture (one map per each channel of PBR material). Roof Tiles Generator Geometry Node randomly offsets each tile UV. So each tile gets unique random area of the texture.

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