Rigged Coin Stack For Animation Incl. Coin-Texture-Creator

by Blenderthings in Models

Open the File.

Drag, rotate, scale all the emptys you see to get a better feel for the rig ... 

When "Select Hierarchy" on the root-empty you are able to duplicate the whole stack including all the properties.

If you want to create your own coin texture search for the Scene "02_Texture Creation Front" - edit this scene as you like - textobjects can be selected and by pressing tab be edited ...

After you have gone through

02_Texture Creation Front

03_Texture Creation Back

04_Texture Creation Rim

You are ready to render out in the Scene "01_Render_Texture Creation". In here all your Elements are stacked so that the UV of the coin is already considered

Hit render and save out your texture

replace these imagetextures in the coin material with your created texture:

I hope you have fun and the blend-file is helpful.