Render Time Estimation Add-On

by Zym-Zym Studio in Scripts and Addons

I have a hint idea. Can I send it to the authors?

Of course you can! If you send your ideas to us and they are really useful or funny or even fancier than the default ones we will implement them to the next version. We will really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

This add-on is so perfect, does it have any weak point at all?

Well, we tested it so many times and we find the issue that the add-on makes mistakes when you set the render step above 1. It means when you don't want to render all the frames from your project just every second or so on the add-on will fail. We are working on this problem and it will be fixed in the next version.

Why I have two renderbars in the header?

There is only one header in Blender and the software uses it all the places where a header is needed. If there are more headers visible, each header will show the renderbar. If the resolution of your screen is under 1680 px you won't meet this problem. 

Is this renderbar a regular Blender slider?

Yes, but don't tell it to anybody! This is the simplest and most convenient way to generate a progress bar in Blender. It also follows the color schemes when you change themes in Blender which is great. Of course it has the disadvantage that you are able to click on it and drag the value however this will not affect the render time, unfortunately. The add-on will refresh itself as soon as it starts to work on a new frame. So don't touch it!

Does this add-on work when I use the Viewport Render Animation command?

The viewport render animation data is managed differently. It is separated from the normal render data in Blender so our add-on isn't able to use it unfortunately.