Render Time Estimation Add-On

by Zym-Zym Studio in Scripts and Addons


  • Download the .py file.
  • Open your Preferences menu and under the Add-ons tab click on the Install button.
  • Navigate to the folder where your downloaded file is located. Select it and click on the Install Add-on button.

  • Enable the add-on by clicking on the checkbox next to the add-on name then close the Preferences window. 

Where can you find it?

Switch to the Rendering layout of Blender. You can find the main window of the add-on here, in the "N" panel of the Image Editor window

The add-on also shows you an extra renderbar in the header section of Blender. 

The exact location of this renderbar may vary depending on the resolution of your screen or on the Resolution scale of Blender.

How does it work?

When you hit the Render animation button or press Ctrl+F12  the add-on starts with a rough estimation. The add-on re-calculates itself after each finished frame so the remaining time data can be more precise after a couple of rendered frames. 


The upper part of the addon's main window contains the most important and relevant info. The remaining time of the rendering job. Under that you can also see the default Blender renderbar with the percentage of the elapsed time. Below the renderbar you can find the Tip section. Here the add-on will give you advice to manage this time period. Sometimes you will find here useful Blender usage tips but sometimes just a silly comment.

The lower part of the add-on window shows the statistics about your render. A lot of data and numbers in connection with this process such as the estimated finishing time or the average frame rendering time. Interesting isn't it?

You can watch this during the render or you can follow some of the hints the addon provides you. Or you can do something totally different. It's up to you.