Render 3d Photo

by The Spiraloid Workshop Co. in Scripts and Addons

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  • ori over 1 year ago

    The addon works perfectly but its not even close to being like SketchFab because the camera movement is very minimal (because of facebook) ends up being a rather disappointing gimmick. I suggest that people would look at examples before buying this.

    So it gives you a 3d image with almost no effort but as 3d it has a very small view angle so IMO not really worth it in most situations.

    Still gave it 5 stars because its not the Addon's fault.

  • 3DVision over 1 year ago

    this addons is simple and does its job as described in the presentation.
    On the other hand, a little advice for the developer, you should add links to 3D photos that you have created because the photo you use in the description is not very convincing, while your addons are really great!
    I was a little hesitant before I bought.

  • Vavrinec Foltan over 1 year ago

    The addon does what you expect from it. When rendering, Blender is frozen. But I already know that from other addons. The purchase has definitely paid off. Thank you!

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