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Quick Landscape for Blender

Quick Landscape is a powerful and easy-to-use add-on for Blender that comes with a vast library of 150+ beautifully designed landscapes. 

Whether you're working on a landscape scene, game environment, architectural visualization, or a cinematic shot, Quick Landscape makes it easy to add breathtaking natural landscape to your project.

Each landscape has been carefully designed to provide a high level of detail and realism, making it easy for you to create breathtaking environments for your projects. Quick Landscape is designed to give you maximum control over your scene while guaranteeing you enormous time savings while creating your best environment scene.

The materials are 100% compatible with Cycles and Eevee and 4K textures are packed with full PBR workflow.

Work with Blender Version 3.4 and later ! Included Blender 3.5,3.6.Updated for blender 4.0 in the latest update.

It has a library of 152 landscape with 38 categories each having 4 variants. It has a scatter library of 16 different fully customizable tree.

Quick Landscape Features?

Quick Landscape V3.0 What's New?

With 32 brand new landscapes added to the library, including plain forests, rugged terrains,  lake mountains, talus mountains ,and more  your artistic visions will know no bounds. Quick Landscape V3.0 also introduces enhanced controls for landscape fog, and more features.

Entire New Landscape Tree Library!

With the power of Geometry nodes scatter trees in your landscape in just a single click.

Quick Landscape v3.0 update video!

Why Quick Landscape?

With Quick Landscape, you can generate terrain with just a few clicks, and then customize it with a variety of tools and settings. 

Quickly add Landscape

Easily select your preferred landscape and add it to your scene!

Tree library

Seamlessly switch between 16 tree types in real-time.

Control Slope Mask

With this advanced tool, you have the ability to precisely control the distribution of trees based on the slope of your landscape

Upper and Lower Height Trim

Utilize the height mask feature, allowing you to control tree distribution based on elevation.

Change Density based on Masks

Effortlessly adjust tree density and enhance creative control with texture masks for better landscapes.

Control Scatter Material 

Effortlessly adjust the saturation, brightness, or translucency of your trees. Easily add a snowy touch or turn entire trees to deciduous

Optimized for Scattering

Achieve the perfect balance between high quality scattering and low-memory efficiency in Blender.

Exponential Surface Fog 

With the power of Geometry nodes create realistic exponential surface fog over your landscape in no time!

World Fog 

With its powerful features, quickly add world fog into your scenes.

Control fog attributes

Quick Landscape allows you to have precise control over various fog attributes such as texture, scale, density, and much more!

Anti-Tile Landscape System

Easily create an anti-tile expandable landscape system!

Why anti-tile System!

Ocean Foam!

With the power of geometry nodes now generate real time ocean-foam on islands and cliffs.

Cutoff Plane!

Generate real time cutoff plane with any landscape.

Control Mesh Quality

With Quick Landscape, you can adjust the level of detail for your terrain mesh, giving you greater flexibility to optimise your scene and achieve the perfect balance between quality and performance. 

Quick and simple landscape material!

Fully customize your landscape material, change its color, roughness ,normal and much more by controlling from the panel.

Full PBR 4K landscape textures

With Quick Landscape, you can easily apply PBR textures to your terrain.

Control everything from the panels!

You can access a range of powerful tools and settings directly from the pane

150+  Landscape Library!

Quick Landscape is an amazing add-on for Blender that comes with a comprehensive library of 152 stunning landscapes, categorized into hills, mountains, plateau, desert, plains, island, cliff, canyon, crater and others each having 4 variants. 

Landscape Pack

Lite version :  45% of total asset
Pro version: Full collection 100% of total asset

We support the Blender Foundation !

We would like to participate in its development. We donate part of the earnings to the Blender Foundation for its growth!

And for future update !

Yes ,all future updates are free once you have purchased.
We will add new features at every update.

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